40+lber caught – Spring Bait Selection – GIF Parade

40+lber caught – Spring Bait Selection – GIF Parade

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Spring Musky Selection

Spring musky fishin' has been happening for a while in certain parts of the country, but it's just kickin' off in other places like Wisconsin where the southern opener (inland waters south of Highway 10) happened last weekend.

No matter where you're fishin' this spring, here's a few baits that could be players:

First, we've got the Swimmin' Dawg. It's been an excellent springtime rubber option since it hit the market. Here's a few A+ color options starting at the top left, going clockwise: Reverse Sunset PerchTrue CiscoSwitch Perch & Orange Sucker

Swimmin' Dawgs

The Llungen .22 Short is a killer musky crankbait this time of year. Originally designed by Chad Harmon (one of our Insider PRO speakers), this crank has a smaller profile, which can shine when 'skies are focusing on not-so-large forage.

Llungen .22 Shorts

Don't overlook a Squirrley SS Shad right now. They are VERY buoyant and run quite shallow, allowing you to cast them all the way up to shore, and reel them in without picking up debris on the bottom. Useful tool in certain situations.

Squirrley SS Shad

GIF Parade

Been a while since we've held a good old fashioned GIF Parade – let's do it!

First, here's some awesome underwater views from Owen Mitchell:

Musky Underwater

Next we get to feast our eyes on a seriously impressive 51-inch fly munchin' musky from @rootriverrodco 💪 #giant

Big Fly musky

Thought this was cool – a wintertime musky taking a quick look at a small tungsten panfish jig, then giving it the middle fin 😂

Ice Ice Muskie

Not a musky, but how sick is this Esox eat shared by @worldoffishers???

Pike Strike

Trolling Motors vs. Muskies

Saw this clip from Ethan Price featurin' a musky "attacking" a trolling motor....

Trolling Motor

....which brought a few potential questions to mind:

Have YOU ever had a musky bang into the prop of your trolling motor?

Do you believe running the t-motor during your figure 8's impact catch-rate?

Would we possibly catch more muskies if we used one of these to "quiet" our prop?

Engine Prop

What about that fancy new Power Pole trollin' motor that they claim is the "ultimate secret weapon for sneaking up on fish" and "trolls more silently than nature itself"#bold

Power Pole Trolling Motor

It might possibly make a difference, but we've also seen muskies drill baits trolled in the prop-wash less than a dozen feet behind the boat, so.... 🤷‍♂️


This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – And the award for the best brew names goes to.... 🥁 ... Muskelager from Pecatonica. Great name and a great bonfire shot from Adam O. #springishere


#2 – Cool pic from Jason Kahler, catchin' some DNR folks in the act of sciencing in Minnesota. 

MN DNR Science

#3 – Markus Lukic is doing tea time right! 🔥

Tea Time

#4 – Won't be long until everyone gets to enjoy some no-shoes musky fishin' weather – love this release shot from Ottawa area guide Johnny L.

Muskie Release


– Interviews w/ top 3 finishers at Cave Run w/ Road Rules (video)

– Leech Lake muskies w/ Next Bite TV (video)

– What Maina has on the deck for spring 'skies (photo)

Pete Maina Spring Musky Lures

– Batic brothers on the Back Lash Podcast (link)

– Old throwback 1994 Musky Hunter mag article (link)

Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


HUGE congrats to Kristen & Rory Hamilton on putting this unicorn of a musky (40+ pounds) in the net fishin' with guide Vance from Fat AZ. She hit a lure from @schossbaitcompany. Unreal fish!

Giant Muskie Out East

Christina Truppe has been smashin' them this spring already! 💪 She was even nice enough to let Nick Eddy (head dude at MuskyFrenzy) catch this inland WI 51.5-incher monster! #sheesh

Big muskies

Not a bad way to start the season when your first fish of the year is a fiddy – atta way @sbsoutdooraction!

50 inch musky

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