57'' Monster Caught – Beautiful Musky Dead – Best Boat Dog

57'' Monster Caught – Beautiful Musky Dead – Best Boat Dog

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We saw a bunch of big fish hit net during the last batch of Pink Days this month (July 21-24) including this GIANT from Georgian Bay:

Georgian Bay Musky

That mega monster was 57 inches long and crushed a worm harness that Adam Hearns' (Wings and Water Outfitters) was pullin' for walleyes. #oops!

Here's a better look at the beast:

GIant Musky

Huge congrats to Adam on the fish of a lifetime and thanks for putting her back safely – who knows maybe someone will catch her this fall. 👀👀

Musky Pup

Wired2Fish Musky

Really enjoyed this short musky chasin' video from Wired2Fish testing out a new 9-inch swimbait from Savage Gear....

Great musky action, but gotta admit, our favorite part was the lil brown pup who was pumped as heck to see some 'skies in the boat.

I'm excited

The best moment was when THIS happened just moments after Kyle Peterson hoisted a musky into the net:

Dog Falls Off Boat

Haha, love it!

Btw, here's a closer look at the bait Kyle was chunkin':

New Swimbait

This is why...

.... it's so important to learn proper fish handling.

Remember this incredibly beautiful tiger musky Benjamin Fries caught on Leech Lake last summer?

Tiger Musky

Benjamin (and his guide Luke Swanson) did a great job handling this 44.5 incher.

We know this because she survived long enough to bite the dust just recently.... 🤬

Here's a photo from a little over a week ago:

Dead Tiger Musky

Unfortunately, Trey Summers found her floating belly-up 😔

He also measured her at 45.5 inches – that's a full inch over the last year, for those of you keepin' track at home.

This is really tough to see, but it's also a good reminder to handle fish with care, make sure you've got all the proper release gear in your boat, and consider letting the 'skies rest when water temps hit 80 degrees.

This Week's Mashup:

Here's some random musky-themed stuff you might enjoy from this past week:

#1 – This shot from Eric Beck had me doing a double-take. Here's his caption:

"Not sure who’s happier the musky, the dog, or me lol"

Good question – it's probably not the musky though.... 😂

Musky Release with a Dog

#2 – How sweet is this photo from Jace Peterson (behind the camera) and Jake Feldt (behind the 8) capturing the Medussa on the boatside maneuver 🔥

Figure 8 Medussa

#3 – Congrats to Trinity Lindseth on the giant 'skie and thanks for the kind words:

"Shout out to Josh and The System and Figure 8 webinars! This 54 incher is proof they are worth the money spent! Thanks again!"

And thank YOU for helping make this newsletter possible by checking out our virtual musky classes.

54 inch musky

#4 – Anyone else have this exact same conversation with your significant other???

Fishing Memes


– Starry stonewort confirmed in Leech Lake (link)

– Musky fishing new water in Wisco w/ Burnin Eights (video)

– Boatside musky action w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Catching tagged musky w/ Angling Anarchy (video)

– Musky tagging study on the James River (link)

– Suick factory tour w/ Smith’s Fishing (video)

Musky Mayhem TackleAgency Bay LodgeStealth Tackle


Congrats to Zach Saladino on ending the drought and sticking this big-bodied 51 incher on a Monster Medussa.

Musky on a Medussa

Props to Robert Weeks (Agency Bay Lodge) on boating this big, long after-hours 'skie, spinning a Detonator bucktail over the rocks. #NighttimeIsTheRightTime

Night Musky

Cam Mitchel finally put his first double-nickel in the boat! 🔥 The big gal snapped a Red October tube right at the side of the boat.

55 inch musky

Wow! Seriously impressed by this giant Northwoods bronzeback 'skie from Nick Spencer in Wisconsin. 

Northwoods Wisconsin Musky

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