59 inch MONSTER – Boatside Eat – Some Musky Artwork

59 inch MONSTER – Boatside Eat – Some Musky Artwork

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Taps & Tackle

Holy Geez....

This fish ain't no joke:

Monster Musky

This ridiculous 59.5 incher was caught by Cullen Veiders on Lake Ontario near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River on October 24th.

Cullen is a custom baitmaker (Muskie Candies Customs) and caught this enormous beast of a 'skie on one of his own lures – a 10-inch Deep Sniper Orange-Belly Night Stalker.

Record Musky Lure

He also weighed the fish at 58 pounds (unofficial), using a scale and a net hoop.

A couple more pics.... how insane is this headshot??

Big Musky Head

And here's another awesome shot that really shows off the massiveness of this Lake Ontario leviathan:

59.5 inch musky

Amazing fish and congrats to Cullen on catching a MONSTER on one of his baits. 💪

What do muskies eat???

Scared Frog

Was just thumbing through an older study on musky diets in northern WI and dug up a juicy/hilarious nugget:

Esox masquinongy (our favorite fish) literally eat more MUSKIES than walleye.

Folks that complain about muskies eatin' all the walleye obviously don't follow fisheries biology.

When they examined the stomach contents of 1,092 muskies, they found five walleye....and six muskies. That's bad news for the anti-musky crowd.

Turns out muskies eat more FROGS than walleye, too.

Wonder how many guys are usin' topwater frogs for muskies 🤔

You can take a closer look at the data here:

Musky Data

Remember: context is everything when you're lookin' at stuff like this. Every water body is going to be a little bit different. For instance, muskies LOVE slurpin' down gizzard shad in lakes where they've got 'em, same with lakes that have suspended forage like cisco/tullibee.

That said, the northern WI lakes in this study had plenty of walleye to eat, and they still weren't the meal of choice. Now suckers and perch on the other hand....

Musky Meme

GIF Central

Here's some sweet clips we dug up on the internet this week.... GIF-ified:

Let's start with this shot from Joe Holland in Maine with a tentative musky eyeballin' the camera:

Musky Twitch

Joe was deadstickin' a small jig in this clip. The moment he softly moved his bait, the musky darted off faster than a jackrabbit on a hot date – you can see at the end of the GIF.

Next, we have a cool shallow water boatside eat from @jlyonfishingteam in clear water on a windy day – not a bad clip considering the conditions:

Boatside Eat

Cool behind-the-scenes look at Markus Lukic (Mega Lures) burnin' some scales on his homemade wooden lure:

Wood Burning

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Stickin' with the wood burnin' theme, here's a really cool one from @artdoorlife, burnt on curly maple wood:

Musky Artwood

#2 – If you're Christmas shoppin' for a musky angler, it's tough to beat a REALLY nice fishing reel, and the TranX 400HG fits the bill! Our buddies at Taps & Tackle have a few in stock:

Tranx HG

#3 – How gorgeous are the patterns on these two 'skies from Jimmy Lacerte?? 😍

Musky Artwork

#4 – PMTT dropped their schedule last week. Here's the post with the deets if you're interested. Btw, Qualifier #3 TBD is on Lake Vermilion:

PMTT Schedule

BTW, the Minnesota Muskie Trail recently announced they are paying out $15k to the Team of the Year next year. 👀


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Musky Innovations BannerStealth


Awesome 53.5 x 23" fall beauty for Mathias Bellemare fishin' with his pops:

BIG Muskie

Sweet shot of a true Great Lakes cruise missile via Moxon's Guide Service:

Lake St. Clair

Congrats to Bill Swanson on boating this absolute sumo-sized New York musky fishin' with his buddy Vance Kaloz:

NY musky

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