Best Dates for Big Muskies – (Jedi) Musky Mind Tricks – Monsters on Opener

Best Dates for Big Muskies – (Jedi) Musky Mind Tricks – Monsters on Opener

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BEST Dates for Big Muskies

You might remember earlier this winter when Josh Borovsky talked about his "Pink Day" moon theory. You can click here and check it out if you missed it.

For 13 of the last 17 years, the biggest fish in Josh’s boat has been caught on one of these days. Now he’s spilling the beans on this year’s dates – so without further ado, here they are:

  • June 2-6
  • July 2-3
  • July 22-23
  • August 18-21
  • September 15-20
  • October 13-19
  • November 12-17

We also have a few insights from Josh on how to score a true Pink Day Monster:

"While in theory, the odds of catching a giant on these days should be higher no matter where you are, keep in mind that different waters have different peak calendar periods for a good bite and/or specific periods when they typically kick out big fish regardless of what the moon is doing. If you can place yourself on a body of water when it is known to produce big ones and it’s also a Pink Day, your odds just went up. 

"Also, keep in mind the majority of these Pink Day superfish get caught during the moonrise and moonset windows. It seems like Pink Days supercharge these times and make the biggest fish in the system vulnerable to hitting the net at these specific times."

There ya have it! Schedule your sick days accordingly.... 😉

Based on those dates, I have a feeling MN Opener is going to be a good one 👀

Musky Mind Tricks

Props to Chas Martin on some serious nerves of steel waiting on this hookset:

Topwater Strike

I think we all know someone who would've launched that big bundle of treble hooks through the air at about 90 mph. 😂

If you watch the video, you can hear Joe Bucher in his ear as the big musky tailed his black TopRaider – kinda reminds me of Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker:

Star Wars Meme

Thought this was a good tip from the Jedi himself, Mr. Bucher:

"When you're fishing snaggy reefs or super thick weeds, sometimes (topwaters) are the only thing that can safely go across them without getting snagged....That's the safest bait to throw across these spines that top off at less than a couple feet."

Topwaters are underrated overall. Most folks only bust 'em out for flat calm, low light periods, but they'll catch fish midday, when it's windy, and even well into the coldwater months when most folks have completely left them for dead.

Hook Sharpening TikTok

Not sure how anyone could make hook sharpening entertaining, but Brian Skaife (Angling Anarchy) somehow pulled it off with this hilarious clip:

Musky Hook Sharpening

A GIF won't do it justice, so you'll need to watch the vid.

Thought we might get some actual info to go along with the video, so here is Brian's two cents on hook sharpening:

"I prefer using a flat file such as the ones you can get from Luhr-Jensen. I hold the treble hook with the point pointing away from me and place the file on the side of the hook about where the barb starts. By taking just a few swipes toward the point of the hook, you will take off some of the hook's finish. You should be able to see the shiny spot where the file removed some of the hook's metal.

"I do this on either side of the point and then on the side of the point that is directly opposite from the shank of the hook.

"Lastly, I check to make sure the point hasn't rolled in towards the shank of the hook. Sometimes this is the most stubborn part to get sharp because it's hard to get the file in-between that point and the shank."

Any experienced musky-head knows that having sharp hooks can be critically important for hooking up with big 'skies. This is a good PSA for guys and gals new to the sport!

New PMTT Schedule

Cave Run Lake

This new PMTT Schedule was recently released. Here's a look:

  • Jun 27-28 – Eagle River, WI
  • Aug 29-30 – Spirit & Okoboji Chain, IA
  • Sep 26-27 – Chippewa Flowage, WI
  • Oct 23-25 – Cave Run Lake, KY (Championship)

So, Cave Run is now the host of the World Championship in October instead of the Chippewa Flowage in late September. This is big news for anyone with the last name Thomas or Sennett....😉

In all seriousness, we're glad COVID-19 won't dramatically impact the tour, like it has for many of the early season musky tournaments this spring.

The new championship format features a smaller 40 boat field and three days of competition. Generally, smaller field field sizes and longer hours = local guides having an advantage. That said, these events are chock full of top notch musky sticks and anything can happen. The cream tends to rise to the top during these extra-long events, which is a GOOD thing in our opinion.

Pro musky tournaments might be the only sporting events worth following this summer....


– Evinrude E-TEC Outboards Discontinued (link)

– New 2020 Keyes video contest (video)

– Lake of the Woods topwater fishing w/ Doug Wegner (video)

– Vintage Keyes episode from 2010 (video)

– 2020 Highlight video from Burnin' Eights (video)

– WI and MN Opener talk w/ Back Lash Podcast (link)


(Times based on Minneapolis)

Lunar Calendar

Supernatural big baitslakelabs


Huge congrats to Jamie DeGroot on crushing his personal best with this 53.5-inch Green Bay Megalodon fishing with guide Phil Stodola.

Green Bay Musky

Check out the markings/colors on this gargantuan Rocky Mountain tiger musky from Jaden Metzler#tanker

Tiger Musky

This 49-inch northern Wisconsin 'skie couldn't resist Tim Connoy's Stagger bucktail as it came screaming through her favorite hangout spot this past weekend.

Bucktail Musky Wisconsin

How bout the chompers on this hefty 48.25-inch Illinois esox! Rich Frye caught her on the Chain O’Lakes workin' a homemade lipless crank.

Illinois Chain of Lakes Muskies

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