Best in Show 2022 – Ultra Dawg Insights – Memes of the Week

Best in Show 2022 – Ultra Dawg Insights – Memes of the Week

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Musky Fishing Newsletter

Chicago Show Awards

Sounds like attendance was down at the Chicago show this past weekend – not surprising with COVID and whatnot, but there were still plenty of vendors kickin' out fresh products for us to blow our first 2022 paychecks on... 😂

The Muskie Expo folks put together a "New Product Showcase" highlightin' their top picks in a number of categories – here's the lineup:

Best Bucktail – Musky Mayhem Grenade (link)

Best Bucktail for Muskie Fishing

Hard Lure – Bomb Squad C-4 Flap Tail (link)

Flaptail Lure

Soft Lure – Musky Innovations Ultra Dawg (link)

Ultra Dawg

Soft Lure – Musky Innovations Monster Swimmin' Dawg (link)

monster swimmin dawg

Tackle Management – Fishstar Universal Muskie Bag (link)

Fishstar Musky Bag

Terminal Tackle – Muntz Angling Weedless Treble Hooks (link)

Muntz Weedless Treble Hook

Muskie Rod – Chaos Tackle 20/20 MOAB (link)

Chaos Tackle Moab Musky Rods

Fishing Accessories – MFL ED Kott (link)

Ed Kott

Canadian Resort – Young's Wilderness Lodge (link)

Youngs wilderness camp

Pretty solid list! Muntz Angling ending up winning the overall Best of Show with his weedless treble hooks 🔥

Ultra Dawgin' Info

There's definitely been some Ultra Dawg buzz the last few weeks since it was announced, but we got a LOT more info on it this past weekend at the show.

Btw, you can grab 'em now on the Thorne Bros website 👀👀

Musky Innovations Ultra Dawg

Gregg Thomas shot a video interviewing Luke Ronnestrand (who helped with the design process), explaining some of the thought that went into this bait:

"Remember way back in the day when the big rubber craze was happening and the Two Pounders were around? We loved those baits, but the problem with Two Pounders is that they weigh two pounds."

If you've ever tried to cast a two-pound bait, you'd understand that sentiment... 😂

"What we were looking for is a bait that had that same profile, same water displacement, runs at a similar depth and has similar action to the Two Pounder, but in a lighter one-and-a-half pound size.

"We took the gen 1 Pounders and the gen 1 Two Pounders, split every measurement exactly between the two, and came up with the Ultra Dawg size.

"Another unique thing about this bait is that the tail width was kept a little bit thinner like the old gen 1 Pounders, which gives it more vibration."

Word is, they crushed 'em on this plus-sized version last year during the testing/prototyping period. Should be a big fish killer!

Thorne Bros is going to be the exclusive retailer for this bait, so make sure to grab 'em on their website if you can't make it out to any of the shows this winter.

A couple more deets:

  • These are "pro" model dawgs with the flexible harness
  • Measurements: 17 inches and 19.5 ounces

That's actually the same weight as the new Monster Swimmin' Dawg. Hopefully you've been staying in shape and workin' on your shoulder strength this winter! 😉

Working Out

Meme Parade!

All this talk of new musky gear has me feelin' like this dude:

Want to Buy More Musky Lures

And there's only ONE cure for that type of depression! 😂

Musky fishin' off-season hits us all in different ways. That said, I think this meme is pretty darn universal....

X-Man Meme

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you know that many musky anglers struggle with this decision 😉

Tough Decisions

Father Time comes for us all eventually – this is one of the benefits of chasin' muskies: you don't need "cheaters" to use the giant snaps, split rings and line-ties:

Diminishing Eyesight

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Lovin' the burbot-flavored paint job on these Euro pike swimbaits.... 🔥 Pout patterns are more popular across the pond, but they're starting to catch on here in the states for different fish species.

Burbot Musky Bait

#2 – Cool video breakin' down the story of Joe and Jake Batic – a couple young musky-heads on the Musky Mayhem prostaff.

Batic Musky Brothers

#3 – Gorgeous pre-paint wooden musky replica from the crew at Adirondack Fish Sculptures 😍

Musky Replica

#4 – Love this old throwback Ron Schara magazine cover. Killer action shot! 🔥

Ron Schara Musky Mania Magazine


– Ohio Musky Show, January 28-29th (link)

– Help support a young musky guide whose house burnt down (link)

– “Last Musky of the Season” w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Part 2: Nebraska Musky Fishing w/ Keyes Outdoors (video)

– “Sunset Superstar” w/ Joe Bucher (video)

Musky Mayhem TackleStealth Tackle


Musky double-ups are always awesome, but Danny Herbeck got some bonus points for the tiger/pure strain combo 🔥

Musky Double UP

Congrats to John Hojnacki on poppin' this jumbo-sized river 'skie from shore!

Shore Musky

Not only is this chunky musky not missin' any meals, but it looks like she's eating her buddies' meals, too! Great catch, Joe Belotti 💪

Fall Fat Musky

You'll probably see more and more southern 'skies in this newsletter as we get deeper into the mid-winter season.

Here's a clean pudgemaster sent in by Chris Ray:

Southern Muskie Fishing

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