Big spring 'skies – Musky Memes – Spawning Thoughts

Big spring 'skies – Musky Memes – Spawning Thoughts

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Taps & Tackle

Cisco/Smelt Relationship

Something for you science nerds (I include myself in that group! 🙋)

This article from Gord Pyzer talkin' cisco science isn't necessarily musky-specific, but had some interesting tidbits about one of their favorite meals.

First, he talked about cisco diets – this quote is from fisheries biologist Chris Therrien, who Gord was interviewing:

"Although it was believed for a long time that ciscoes primarily fed on plankton and that piscivory [eating other fish] was relatively uncommon, new research is beginning to show that it’s far more common, and its prevalence depends on several factors."

And those two factors are:

".... an abundance of small-bodied offshore and nearshore prey fish, and a lack of large-bodied predators."

In other words, ciscoes turn carnivorous when they have access to enough baitfish they are physically capable of eating, AND they don't need to compete with other predator fish for that forage.

Makes sense.

Now, here's some insights on the cisco/smelt relationship:

"Smelt definitely compete for the plankton resources in a lake and directly consume larval ciscoes. I found that to be common in several lakes that smelt invaded .... But it appears to be a combination of factors leading to an already declining cisco population. The smelt just push them over the edge. Changes in water chemistry and zooplankton, with the invasion of spiny water fleas, also play a role."

Interesting stuff! Make sure to check out Gord's full writeup on Outdoor Canada's website – The Doc is always a good read 👍

Musky Memery

It's time for one of our all-time favorite segments: Musky Memery!

Hopefully you've been saving your $$ this winter, because springtime is here.

And we won't be "spring cleaning".... this is the season for adding to the bait collection. 😂

Meme for fishing

Speaking of money & musky fishing....

musky memes

This next meme is for all the split rings-only folks in the audience. You know you found yourself in this sticky situation a few dozen times last season.... 😉

split ring memes

LOVE this pre/post spawn meme.... so stinkin' true!

Musky Spawning

Love is in the Air!

That last meme is a the perfect transition into some musky spawnin' talk.

Before we get into our rant (Sorry, we're ranting again! 😂), check out this awesome shot from Pat Kelly at @madriveroutfitters of a couple love birds paired up THIS WEEK in Ohio:

Musky Love

*Cue the romantic music!* 😍

Folks are catchin' skinny post-spawners in some parts of the country already.

Okay, here's the rant:

 If you see muskies paired up, leave 'em alone and let them do their deal! 

That's it – that's the entire rant.

Okay, let's wrap up this section with an awesome video from Bryan Schaeffer that went viral-ish a couple years back.... killer clip, man:

Spawning Muskies

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Why do people put goldfish in their fish tanks when they could get a feisty Esox instead?? Check out this minnow lunchin' clip from Josh Stevenson's (Blue Ribbon Bait) aquarium:

Baby Musky Eating a Minnow

Here's another shot of a crazy eat.... #woofed!

Savage Musky Strike

Btw, Josh is running a big open house this Saturday (10am - 7pm) at Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle in Oakdale, MN. He'll have tons of discounted musky gear, and you can see this angry little eatin' machine in person!

#2 – Props to Zach Mundzic (@zmbaitco) for paintin' these gliders up right – they're lookin' dirty! 🤤 #need

Musky Lure Paint Jobs

#3 – On the topic of pretty lookin' baits, check out these UV coated Plasma Point Treble Hooks from Musky Innovations. They have 'em in chartreuse and orange from 4/0 to 8/0. Pretty cool.

UV Coated Hooks

#4 – Anyone else on their PB HUNT this season?? Awesome plate, thanks for sending, Bruce!

Musky License Plate


– "How to understand a musky angler" w/ Musky Shop (video)

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– Documenting musky stocking on Lake Monona w/ Madison Angling (video)

Muskies Inc


Congrats to Jake Martin on catchin' his new PB on the fly in West Virginia.

Fly fishing musky

Awesome southern springtime 'skie from Keith Phichith in Kentucky 💪

Post Spawn Musky

Awesome April porker from Matt Baxendale with a small smattering of snow on the deck – gotta love it!

Spring Musky

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