Bull Dawg Mod Tips – Better Fishing Spot Explanation – Tips for Warm Hands/Feet

Bull Dawg Mod Tips – Better Fishing Spot Explanation – Tips for Warm Hands/Feet

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Rubber Fixin'/Mods

There's a good chance you have some damaged Bull Dawgs in your garage. Rubber material rips and muskies/pike love tearing off those beautiful fluttering tails....

Repairing and replacing tails is actually VERY easy – this short video from Doug Wegner does a good job demonstrating the process:

Replacing Bull Dawg Tail

You can use this method to repair your baits, but it's also great for mixing-and-matching different bodies and tails to create something totally unique.

Whiteboard 'skie Tips

Just got done watching a video from Jordan Weeks (Biological Angler) and wanted to mention it here in the newsletter.

He has some stellar action footage, catching this gorgeous 'skie:

Beautiful musky

.... but the best part of the video was when he utilized a whiteboard to break down where/how he found and caught her:

Whiteboard musky

Definitely worth a watch! I'd love to see more videos like this in the future – it takes the best parts from standard musky videos (action) and magazine articles (graphics and explanations) and combines them into one easy-to-watch segment.

Wear your Silks!

How many of you utilize SILK in your wardrobe to help stay warm during the coldwater musky chasin' season??

I was reading a Gord Pyzer writeup talkin' about staying warm on the ice, when I stumbled upon this quote:

"The first step is putting on a pair of thin inexpensive silk socks. Silk is respected as a thermal regulator that keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It does this by creating space between the fibres and wicking the moisture away from your skin like wool, which should be the key ingredient in the second pair of socks you wear over the first."

He also recommends rockin' granny's silk gloves for the same reason.

If your grandmother doesn't have an extra pair laying around, you could probably borrow some from this dude 😂


All jokes aside.... warm hands and toes are SUPER important if you want to grind long hours in the fall, chasing that elusive 50 pounder. Steal strategies from anywhere you can find them – ice fishermen, sailors, mimes, etc. 😉 

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Beautiful underwater snap from @flyfishinginternational 😍

Musky Underwater

#2 – Sooo.... I guess Pete Maina was jacked back in the day??? Must be from wrestlin' with all those plus-sized muskellunge!

Pete Maina

#3 – Really impressive drone footage from Stacy Bruner, capturing the entire cast-to-catch of a spunky 46.5 incher.

Drone Musky Shot

#4 – This is the most Wisconsin photo EVER.... I don't go to a lot of plays, but I would definitely sit down and watch one called Musky Love.

musky love


– Milwaukee Muskie Expo this weekend! (link)

– First episode of Mayhem’s 10,000 Casts (video)

– Some October musky action w/ Todays Angler (video)

– LOTW musky fishing and camping w/ Doug Wegner (video)

– WI musky chasin’ w/ Keyes Outdoors (video)

– Pro-staff profile with Stuart Maes (video)

– Underwater views compilation w/ Master Crow (video)

– “Motorhead Island Monster” w/ Joe Bucher (video)

Musky Mayhem TackleStealth Tackle


Beautiful pudgy Canadian musky from Sara with the Sportsman's Journal crew.

Girl with Musky

Ice ice baby! Awesome mid-40 inch hardwater 'skie from @vcfishin – love to see her drippin' wet before a quick, safe release.

Ice Fishing Musky

Let's wrap this newsletter up with some chunky musky lips courtesy of @virginiatrophyguides.

Musky Lips

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