Cool New Holo Colors – Huge Southern 'Skie – Action GIFs

Cool New Holo Colors – Huge Southern 'Skie – Action GIFs

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Thorne Bros

Underwater Musky Action

Now's the time of year when the diehard musky anglers start getting antsy.

The holidays are behind us and we are stuck inside waiting for the long, cold winter to call it quits (unless you're lucky enough to winter down south)....

We haven't fished for muskies in WAY too long, and we're circling Groundhogs Day on our calendars. 😂

Change in my pocket meme

Maybe you need a few throwback musky action GIFs to help getcha through another weekend void of musky fishin'. Here's a few of our favorites:

First up, we've got a solid boatside strike + a super spunky high-flyin' musky from Chris Mahan on Lake St. Clair:

Figure 8 Musky Jump

Not gonna lie, watchin' this musky swim around with a mouthful of sucker minnow makes me miss fall meat-draggin' – some solid footage from Cody Klaus:

Sucker Fishing Muskies

Last up, check out this up-close-and-personal musky encounter from the Wiskie Bros down in southern Wisconsin (late 2020):

Ice Fishing Muskies

Slick Slammer Colors

The BEST thing about this time of year is seein' all the new baits and limited-run custom "show" colors.

Better yet, you can check 'em out from the comfort of your couch this year 😂

Thought these new Slammer colors (customs for Thorne Bros) were really impressive:

Slammer Musky Baits

Here's Luke Ronnestrand's thoughts on the new colors:

"We have a lure style and color to catch Muskies from any region any time of the year. Really hoping to get to try a few of these 7” minnows and deep 5” shads this spring on a southern reservoir or two. We added a couple perch patterns that will work very well on Green Bay as well as our Twin Cities metro area lakes. Our 12” minnow lineup of customs have basically been split ringed on my trolling rods for the past three falls. These lures continue to produce year after year. Looking forward to dragging one of the new holo "mother of pearls" around on a bright sunny day."

Honestly, Slammer are one of the more reasonably priced baits out there....and they're great fish-catchers.

You know the drill – cool custom colors like these fly off the shelves this time of year, so you'll probably wanna hop on these sooner rather than later.

With all the sweet baits coming out this winter, we might need to start thinkin' of some creative ways to "expand" our musky fishin' budget....

Musky Meme

Some Random Stuff

Here's some outta-the-box stuff we dug up on the internet this week:

Gotta say, this is the healthiest lookin' zombie fish we've seen in quite some time:

Zombie Fish

This beauty (?) was caught over in Europe by Simon Torenbeek. Funny how you can tell where an angler is from based on lures they are showin' off in the photo. 🤔

Just noticed that Stealth Tackle has a number of custom One Eyed Willy topwaters available – really diggin' the "bluegill" color:

One Eyed Willy Topwater Musky Lure

If you haven't tried a 'em before, here's a nice confidence-building quote from guide Steve Hrbek:

"The One Eyed Willy is a great bait, nothing more exciting than a walk the dawg chase and strike. While I agree jackpot style baits are not the best hooking % baits, the One Eye is much better than most. Most important is the 3 hooks, its heavier overall weight, and the way it lays lower in the water. There are fewer blow ups and misses."

A solid topper that's definitely worth a try this summer!

Can't get over how cool this net shot is from Ben Knutson – that's what it looks like when a 55+ inch Minnesota super-tanker hits the hoop 💪

Netting a Musky

O' Canada

Are we still holding out hope that we might be able to hop the fence and fish for muskies north of the border this summer?

For those of you wondering, here's the latest update:


....which basically means we don't know anything. Sounds like even the tourism groups, lodges, etc. haven't heard any concrete plans or strategies for re-opening.

I'm sure some of the local sticks aren't hating the lockdown though.....😂

Some are speculating that we might be past the peak here in the US, meaning numbers should start dropping soon. Here' a look at where we're at now with new confirmed cases:


Who knows, maybe things will start opening up once the general public has access to vaccines. We're not holding our breath though....

Some of the Canadian musky TV show re-runs have been fun to watch:

Musky TV Show

But definitely not as good as the fresh, never-before-seen content we're all love watching every winter. 🤷‍♂️


– MN Musky Expo going “virtual” again (link)

– “Learning New Water” w/ Keyes Outdoors (video)

– "Beach Bum Muskies" w/ Joe Bucher (video)

– Jim Saric’s favorite NW Ontario musky lakes (link)

– Superior smelt consumption advisory issued (link)


Reminder: Stealth is still doing a giveaway for all January customers (link)

stealth tacklemuskyfrenzymusky hunter tv


This week, we're going with a #KeepEmWet theme for the "big fish" section:

First up, we've got a serious river monster from fly-guy Wes McElroy, and props to Blane Chocklett on the sweet snap 📸

Fly Fishing Musky

Loving this super clean headshot from Shane Stewart:

Musky Head

Great family fish photo from Adam Listopad, and also gotta tip the cap to the Blue Ridge Musky crew on the spicy underwater angle 🔥

Blue Ridge Musky

What does Matthew Stockton (@stockton.fly2frame) do when he's not creating awesome anglin' artwork? Chase down spotted 'skies of course!

Muskie Release

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