Double-up on 1 Sucker – CRAZY catch from Shore (vid) – Rubber Band Rig

Double-up on 1 Sucker – CRAZY catch from Shore (vid) – Rubber Band Rig

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2 Muskies, 1 Sucker

Muskies might be the fish of 10,000 casts, but it's not unheard of for guys to catch two fish at the same time. That said, it's EXTREMELY rare for one angler to catch two fish at the same time on one bait...

Well, John Lyon somehow pulled it off:

Double Musky on Sucker

The big girl in front measured 53" x 23" and the one in back was 43.5".

You need the whole family to document this catch with Jeff holding fish #2 and Jerry snapping the photo. Bet you can easily ID John in the photo, because there's no way he'd let anyone get their paws on the 53 incher. 😂

This shot does a good job showing how they were hooked:

Two Muskies Hooked

And here's some action shots:

Netting Double

Crazy Shore Fishin' Strike

Speaking of stuff you don't see everyday, check out this crazy glide bait strike just a couple feet from Caleb Sorenson's toes fishin' from shore:

Musky strike

It always feels good foolin' a musky, but you get some serious bonus points for sticking one from the bank!

Rubber Band Setup

One of the big keys to catchin' muskies on meat is making sure you have lively bait.

In this AnglingBuzz video, Jeremy Smith goes step-by-step breaking down his rubber band sucker setup:

Musky Sucker Video

The key to this setup is ZERO hooks piercing the body of the sucker – maximizing health and longevity. Additionally, the rubber bands break free from the minnow with ease – no need for an aggressive snapping hookset.

All that's left to do is experiment with band colors. Bright colors in dirty water and natural colors in clear water. 😉 (kidding)

rubber band

Boatside Surprise

This is why you never give up on a big 'skie!

Watch this series of events from Corey Montgomery on the Keyes YT channel:

Surprise Musky

Notice the fish swimming off away from the boat, then moments later coming from underneath the boat to smash Corey's bait?

Good thing he didn't pull his bait out of the water!

This is what the 'skie said as she was hitting the net:

its not over


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Feast your eyes on this ridiculous 55X27 whale of a musky from MN guide Dan Altmann. It's beasts like this that remind us why we grind through this brutal late fall weather.

Dan Altmann Musky

Speaking of beasts, how 'bout this plus-sized super tanker from Frank Spano and guide Scott Munford up at Andy Meyers Lodge on Eagle – bumped & taped at 55.5" x 26.25".

Canadian Monster Musky

Congrats to Jessie Baker on joining the 50-club and catching her new PB trolling a 10" Headlock on Eagle Lake with her bf Doug Wegner. Amazing shot!

Jesse Baker PB Musky

This chunker was fat and happy until Marty Vlietstra set the hook! Glass calm + girthy muskies = tough to beat!

Fat Muskie

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