Eagle eats a Musky – Airborne Musky MADNESS – Double-Header Hawgs

Eagle eats a Musky – Airborne Musky MADNESS – Double-Header Hawgs

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Lake Labs

Raptors > Muskies

Adult muskies sit firmly atop the freshwater food chain.

... but they're no match for our bald feathery friends 🦅 #AfternoonSnack

Eagle eating Musky

Take a peek at the full video from Dan Goff – it's pretty wild.

Hard to tell if it's a musky or pike from the grainy clip, but looks like it was a decent fish regardless. Try using your own mitts for scale:

Eagle Talons vs Human Hands

If muskies are eatin' all the walleye (sarcasm) and eagles are eatin' all the musky, does that mean eagles and walleye are teaming up?

Guess not...

Eagle Eating Walleye

Here's a few of the best comments from across the web:

– "That fish doesn't look like it's over 54", call the CO!!!"

– "What’s that eagles Facebook page? I’m gonna insult him and chastise him on proper fishing ethics. 😂"

– "Great, that eagle has caught more muskies than me! 😑"

– "Musky has to be 55 inches to keep in MN ..that bird needs 90 days at the Raptor center"

Topper Tips from the Doc

Gord Pyzer Musky Tip

Most folks are lookin' to turn & burn during the summer months, but not Gord Pyzer! He prefers a more methodical approach that doesn't include killing your hands. 😂

Here's Gordo's favorite way to target summertime muskies:

"There is no more exciting way to catch muskies than on topwater lures and no better time to do it than in the heat of the summer.

"But there is another reason why throwing surface lures at this time of the year is so effective. You can pitch them over the thickest weeds and shallowest rock cover where big toothy critters are roaming, and never get hung up, disturb the zone or spook the fish.

"But there is a lesson most big toothy critter anglers need to learn and that is to slow down – way down – and not overwork their lures. Too many anglers are under the mistaken impression that they need to wake up the neighborhood and draw attention to their lure sitting on the surface. But believe me, every muskie within 100 yards saw and heard your lure land.

"Remember, you’re entering their domain and they’re acutely aware of everything that is going on.

"About the only time I pick up the pace is when I spot a big fish suddenly pull in behind my surface lure and start stalking it. I’ll superimpose myself into the lure and imagine that I’m a mouse, muskrat, duck, injured fish, or some other creature that knows it is about to be eaten and is trying to flee."

Good stuff from the Doc. Click here to check out the full write-up!


Who says muskies don't hunt in packs???

Well, Mark Kornosky and Lee Tauchen ran into a pair of mid-40's St. Clair spots that were more than happy to crunch a couple baits:

Double Header Musky

It was a killer video, so make sure to give 'er a watch on YT!

Mark's fish came on a Chaos Posseidon (color = TRO Ball Buster) and Lee's fish fell for a Bite Back Trilogy (color = black/chart).

Summer Musky Lures

Muskies of a Feather Swim Together?

Interesting that both fish (above) were almost identical in length at 45-inches.

Reminds me of a few years back when Jason Aleshire & Nick Lindner boated a 51" and a 49" at the same time:

Double Muskie in Fall

Both fish came off a weed line late in fall. Jason hooked up first, and Nick used the best pitch-back bait on the planet (a sucker) to hook musky #2.

And luckily it was all caught on video:

Live Musky Strike

Makes ya wonder if 'skies school up based on size?

If you have any insight on the topic, reply to this email and let us know!

This Week's Top Musky GIFs

Since this is already a GIF-heavy email, why not add fuel to the fire!

Here's a few of our favorite musky actions shots we found surfin' the web this week. Lets start things off with this high-flyin' trapeze stunt courtesy of the Todays Angler crew:

Musky Jumping

Next up, Tyler gets to watch his new PB cartwheel through the air before finally hitting the net:

Muskie Leaping in the Air

Here's a sick boatside eat captured by Big John on Lake St. Clair:

Figure 8 Musky Strike

Let's wrap up the GIF parade with one last airborne musky from Andy Osgar out in Minnesota. Makes ya wonder if Space Jam is making a comeback in the musky community? #IBelieveIcanFly

Muskie Fight


– Tiger Muskies w/ Tom Boley (video)

– Laker with 2 mouths in Lake Champlain (photo)

– Up your odds at nipping muskies w/ Jim Saric (video)

– 5 Musky day on Eagle Lake (video)

– Open water trolling northern WI w/ Pete Maina (video)

– St. Louis River, MN estuary cleanup (link)


(Times based on Minneapolis)

Moon Phases

Peterson LuresSupernatural Big BaitsMuskyFrenzy


Wisco guide Jon Ghinazzi popped this nightshift porker trolling a 12-inch Mattlock(the big one!) in the "ice walleye" color. Gotta love it when the overnight grinder pays off!

Trolling Night Musky

Love to see the young bucks gettin' after it! Max Cochran (11 yo) stuck this 48.5" Canadian 'skie on an Apache Tripe 8 in the figure 8! #DontSleepOnTheKid

Kid with Musky

That look on your face when you finally boat your first musky! Gotta love it – congrats Sascha Weiher 👏

First Muskie

Ben Beattie picked up this chunkster from a summer-long stay at fat camp on Lac Seul!

Fat Muskie

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