Fall Musky Location – Extra Chunky 'skies – The Musky Sasquatch

Fall Musky Location – Extra Chunky 'skies – The Musky Sasquatch

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Fall Musky Location

Fall Musky Location

Was thumbing through an old issue of Midwest Outdoors when I stumbled across this fall fishin' article with Joe Bucher – it had some good tidbits on location, so I thought we'd share a few high points here on the newsletter, starting with weather's impact on the fall musky bite: 

"While a warming trend with a ridge in place generally produces the best fishing throughout June, July and August, a consistent warmer pattern in the fall can often give fishermen a dud. Cold fronts with dominant high pressure behind them are the key."

BTW, have you peeked at the forecast for the next few days?

Here's what we're lookin' at in central MN. 🤤

Weather Forecast

Alright, back to the Bucher tips:

"Muskies are apt to be shallower while water temperatures hold above the 50-degree range and are more apt to be weed-related. Remaining stands of healthy weeds can be hot spots.

"Weeds become far less productive once the water temperatures dip below 50. This is when steeper breaks and classic, hard, bottom structure really comes into play.

"Usually, rocks situated on steeper breaks are a key component. Hard bottom points with quick breaks into deep water can be particularly good. Add some submerged wood to this equation and it becomes even better."

Something for you to chew on over the next few weeks as water temps start to free-fall down into the normal mid/late October ranges. #hopefully

Joe talks presentations, too.... but you'll have to read the article for those deets.

Okay, okay. We'll share ONE quick nugget:

"Both in-line and safety pin-style spinners can be good for September and October muskies, but one absolute key in the presentation with any spinner in the fall is slow. For some odd reason, a muskie will chase down a fast-moving crankbait or an erratic-action jerkbait during the colder water periods, but has almost no interest in a spinner that moves fast."

Kinda interesting....

Raising $45k w/ Musky Fishing

night musky fishing

Gotta give a HUGE round of applause to Al Louis for using musky fishing to raise over $45,000 for non-profits this year!

He donated $2k each to Mobile Meals, Gateway Area Council BSA, La Crosse Public Education Foundation, and Family and Children's Center. The rest went to New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers.

Here's a quick overview of how he pulled it off:

"The challenge began on July 26th and ended August 28th. For every musky he caught while on a fishing trip at Lake Vermillion in Minnesota, he donated $100, but that wasn't the only way they brought in money. Anyone could donate different amounts based on how much they wanted to give. People also donated if he took a picture in a requested outfit or if the fish was bigger than a certain size."

....which explains all the goofy hats. 😉

Lake Vermilon Musky

Gotta say, this is pretty dang cool. Would love to see more folks pick up the torch and try to do something similar. It's been a tough year for charities and non-profits, and it's great seeing individuals stepping up their game and helping out!


"He began working in a cheese factory to start paying down his student loans and finance his passion for muskies."

Okay.... if that's not the most Wisconsin thing you've ever heard, I don't know what the heck is!

That's a quote from a Scott Mackenthun article, talkin' about Justin Hokanson, a hardcore musky-head from the Badger State.

Wisconsin Musky Angler

Dude sounds hilarious. Here's a few of his A+ quotes from the writeup.....

"If I’d had a drug habit, I’d probably have more money."

Ain't that the truth.

When asked how he can handle 12-hour shifts of hard, physical labor (making cheese? 🤔) and even longer days spent on the water chasing stubborn muskies, this is what he had to say:

"Caffeine, nicotine, and rage."

Oh, did we mention his nickname is the "Musky Sasquatch"?

Don't know Justin personally, but I think everyone needs to have a fishin' buddy like this guy.

Duck Dinner

Check what Jan Wardenaar found halfway down the throat of a big ole Euro pike:

Pike Eats a Duck

That little guy's not having a great day....

Reminds me of this GIF we shared back in August of a big gator smoking a Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck:

Northern Pike Figure 8 Strike


– Haggberg and Bonke win Musky Cup on LOTW (link)

– Legends of Musky Fishing series ft. Maina (video)

– Jason Hamernick interview on Back Lash Podcast (link)

– Topwater action in Madison, WI (video)

– 50 incher on a sucker w/ Ben Stone (video)

– PMTT Flowage catch w/ 3rd place Charlie & Matt Ridgeway (video)

– Timelapse: Carving a musky out of wood (video)

Musky Hunter TV App


Check out the belly on this north-of-the-border bruiser from Chevy Champagne:

Big Muskie

Mike Ray caught this 54.5 inch Green Bay monster trollin' Super Shads with guide Bret Alexander#firetiger

Green Bay Musky Trolling

Even MORE proof that catch-and-release works....

This pudgy Wisconsin musky from Nicole Lynn has now visited Michael Hanson's boat THREE times in the last year. Let 'em go so you can catch 'em again.... and again!

BTW, they have video of the catch if you were interested in watching.

Wisconsin musky

Congrats to Jean Fillion on boating his new PB with this plump 51.5 inch Ontario finned-gorilla!

Ontario Musky

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