GIANT Wisconsin Musky – Next World Record Location? – Musky-Shaped Panfish Tungstens

GIANT Wisconsin Musky – Next World Record Location? – Musky-Shaped Panfish Tungstens

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Taps & Tackle


Turns out, they grow 'em pretty big in Green Bay! #surprise! 😉

Okay, I'll stop telling you things you already know.... but you're gonna want to check out this absolute mega monster caught this fall (Dec. 7th).

Anyway.... here's the picture of Ron Hedsand's fish:

Giant Green Bay Musky

He caught this 55 x 29.5" beast jigging a Bull Dawg around structure in 15-20 feet of water with his buddy John Vieau.

And yes, you read those #'s right.... 29.5 inches of straight-up girthiness 👀

Unbelievable fish guys – congrats!

The Next World Record Musky?

Seeing GIANT fish like that ☝️ begs the question:

Where is the next world record musky going to be caught??

There was a discussion on the Ugly Pike Podcast featuring guys like Mike Lazarus, Jim Saric, John Anderson, and a few others, contemplating that exact question.

You might be surprised to find out that while the St. Lawrence River was in the discussion, most of the panel chose Georgian Bay, AKA the "sixth Great Lake".

georgian bay

Feels like Mike Lazarus has caught just about every musky in the St. Lawrence River, but his vote went to the BIG "bay":

"I don’t believe in the whole 70 pounder theory, but [Georgian Bay] is probably your best shot at coming into contact with a fish that’s never been caught before."

Jim Saric has fished all over the country, and he also thinks she's swimmin' in Georgian Bay. That said, he doubts anyone will ever catch it – simply because there aren't enough folks out there targeting muskies on that massive body of water.

Leave it to John Anderson to bring science into the discussion. 👍

He referenced the work of John Casselman which says "the fastest growing strain of musky in the world with the biggest growth potential live in the St. Lawrence River in the Kingston area" – the post-VHS fish that were left over.

It was a fascinating discussion, that's for sure.

Musky-Themed Panfish Bait

You wanna know why ice fishermen have so many crazy/unique inventions & gadgets??

Because they spend all day sitting in a shack twiddling their thumbs jiggling a 2 foot spinning rod, hoping something comes by and takes a look. Basically, they have a LOT of time to sit and think.... In this case, boredom breeds innovation 😂

This little creation from @icebergjigs is the perfect example:

Musky shaped panfish jig

Yes. That's a tiny little musky-shaped panfish jig 🤔

It also appears to glow in the dark, so there's that!

Glow in the dark panfish jig

Dude has some other wild designs, including a whole set of Ninja Turtles jigs:

ninja turtles jigs

Okay, enough of the ice fishin' talk..... 😂

Help lol

This Week's Mashup:

 Mashup time!

#1 – Gotta tip the hat to our buddies at Taps & Tackle for carrying some sick colors, including these "3D" paint jobs on the 9" Weighted Suick.

There's a bunch of options, but pictured below from left to right is Natural Sucker, Perch, and Spot Tail Shiner:


#2 – Really cool musky flavored wood burning piece from @rustic_spruce:

Wood Muskie Artwork

#3 – No idea if this "Musky Predator" t-shirt is available anywhere for purchase, but the design is pretty dang cool – had to share:

Musky Predator

#4 – Sweet big bait casting silhoutte from @lars_vdb_fishing:

Casting Musky Baits


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Muskies Inc


Awesome late fall 'skie from Michael Hanson, putting his mom on a gorgeous Wisconsin bronzie in extra windy 16 degree weather.

Michael Hanson Muskie

Anyone pacing the shoreline waiting for ice to melt?? This beauty from @livinthedream.365 was caught trollin' a 12-inch Mattlock in late June. Spring is just a few LONG months away....

Nice Fish

Speaking of missing musky season.... check out this plus-sized Leech Laker caught outta Capt. Philip Bauerly's boat 💪

Leech Lake muskie fishing

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