Guiding Done RIGHT – Slick Custom Paint Jobs – Canadian Strategies

Guiding Done RIGHT – Slick Custom Paint Jobs – Canadian Strategies

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Canadian Musky Fishin'

Let's break down another great seminar from the Thorne Bros spring sale.... this one's from Jeremy Smith talkin' muskies in "Sunset Country", which is basically the area of Ontario north of MN:

Jeremy Smith Musky Seminar

Here's a few highlights from the first half of the 1+ hour seminar....

Jeremy on the importance of current areas (which are often wind-generated):

"If you are having a tough trip, there's almost no better bet than going and finding areas of the lake that neck down and have moving water. Those are definitely the most consistent spots you can find.... always look for those current areas when the bite is tough."

Speaking of wind, here's some of Jer's thoughts on fishing wind-swept spots:

"If you fish three points or bays that are exposed to the wind and you don't see anything, duck into the leeward side of these spots. Muskies will really spend a lot of time there, especially during a big cold front when it's sunny. They will tuck up into really shallow water on the lee-side of an island.... You don't always need to be IN the wind."

Here's some great insight into why you shouldn't give up on the weed bite after the mid-summer peak:

"People always say that you need to find GREEN weeds. That's great, but if you can find vertical standing cover, it doesn't matter if it's alive or dead as long as it's vertical, fish love it.

"Most people give up on these areas in the middle of August, thinking that fish are dumping out of weeds in favor of other areas. I'm telling ya, if you get cold fronts, warm sunny days, or tough conditions.... big muskies love weed beds."

One last bonus nugget from Jeremy....

How to get a bunch of killer Side Imaging musky screenshots:

"Muskies will always have their nose pointed into the current. I do a lot of river fishing and using Side Imaging technology. When you're going up-current, SI paints a PERFECT picture of muskies all the time."

Jeremy typically delivers the goods, which is one of the reasons why we're always tuning-in whenever the Angling Edge crew airs a fresh musky episode.

Did you know, Josh Borovsky (Musky Insider co-founder) has also been in a quite a few Angling Edge musky episodes over the years.

Here's a pic of Josh and James Lindner from their first show together, which aired during the first-ever season:

Angling Edge Muskie

The cool part about this episode is it was on a lake they hadn't fished before – a classic "new water" musky fishin' situation, where Josh found the bite just a few days earlier.

If you want to expedite the finding & catching process when you're fishing a new-to-you musky fishery, make sure to check out the class Josh is hosting this Thursday, April 28th (tomorrow).

[Click here for more info on the class]

Fishing a new lake can be intimidating and frustrating, but if you do your homework and have an effective game plan in place, it can also be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences you will ever have.

Cool Custom Lures

It's always fun seeing what the small custom bait makers are up to – here's some cool shhhtuff that caught our eye this week:

Would love to see this fuzzy lookin' grub in the water. Jims Baits gets an A+ for creativity with this beauty.

Fuzzy Grub

No crazy colors here from Steve Bates, but really diggin' the paint job on these jerks – great contrast from back-to-belly + a gold plastic tail.

Dive & Rise Bait

For all you fly-slingers! Check out this beautiful tie from Scott Barham:

Musky Fly

Wild color combo from Jeremy Foote. It's definitely got that strawberry lemonade vibe going on. 


Guiding Done Right

If you're a guide or an aspiring guide....

Watch this video from Joe Cooper and take notes:

Musky Video

All I can think of is sports analogies.... not sure if we're callin' this a hand-off, assist, or an alley-oop 😂 Great stuff regardless!

From Joe's post:

"When I’m fishing with clients, one of the first things I layout is the procedure that will take place if I have a follow. I pull my lure, and you try not to poke it in the eye on the exchange. The success rate is surprising, and most of the time the musky will become more excited for the second lure."

We're not trying to rip on guides who occasionally catch muskies (it's going to happen every now and then if you're casting), but this video/post was spot-on. 💪

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Not sure why we've been sharing so many wood-burnt 'skies lately, but here's another beauty from Abby Wynia in Ontario.

Musky Wood Burning

#2 – Saw this post from Jeff Roosdett and had to share.... More of a pike bait, but still pretty funny. Anytime you can save $0.04, you gotta pull the trigger. LOL

Discount on Tackle

#3 – What a difference a year can make!

Here's are a couple snapshots from Agency Bay's FB page (Leech Lake)....

Depending on what the weather looks like this spring, we could have some chilly water temps for Musky Opener. Something to keep an eye on, because it will impact fish activity and locations on certain lakes.

Agency Bay Lodge

#4 – Sick release shot from @fish_n_fam_ 🔥

Underwater Musky


– 5+ hour Musky Symposium w/ Musky Factory (video)

– First musky of the year w/ Angling Anarchy (video)

– Fall musky locations w/ 54 or Bust (video)

– Downsizing strategies w/ Joe Bucher (video)

– Muskies paired up at Wingra Dam (video)

Agency Bay Lodge Banner


Lovin' the patterns on this gorgeous southern 'skie from Brent Perkey!

Big Southern Musky

Check out the belly on this 50-inch Pennsylvania pork nanny from Isaiah Price.

Fat Esox

Extra-clean beauty from @the_heart_and_hand down in Indiana.

Long Musky

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