Hot Musky Baits – German Rigging Setup – Oldest IA 'skie Captured

Hot Musky Baits – German Rigging Setup – Oldest IA 'skie Captured


This week, we'll be hosting our final musky class for our spring session, "Catch More & Bigger Muskies....From Your Couch". This is the perfect resource if you're lookin' to stack the deck in your favor before you even hit the water this season.

It's extra-helpful if you're trying to figure out the best times/places to go for your upcoming 2021 musky trips. (click here for more info on the class)

Josh actually taught this class last year and several students asked him not to do the class again because the info was too juicy!

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Thorne Bros

Eye Catchers....

Stopped by Thorne Bros yesterday (which is always dangerous 😂) and ended up spendin' wayyy too much time talkin' muskies and wandering the isles lookin' at baits. No surprise!

Thought we'd take a quick minute to share a few fish-catchers that would've made it into our shopping cart if our wallets didn't look like this right now:

No Money

One of the main takeaways: they have a surprising amount of cool custom colored hardbaits in stock....

Really diggin' the custom holo patterns, including this "Vermilion Guide" colored Slammer Minnow – which is a super underrated trollin' bait that comes in right around $30. #value

Slammer Minnow

If there's anything they are LOADED up with right now, it's Cannonballs, Fat Bastards, etc. from Lake X:

Cannonball Musky Bait

There's some really good custom colored bucktail available, too.

This "Martian Green" Musky Mayhem 13/10 Detonator is absolute 🔥

Musky Mayhem Bucktail

They still have a few Headlocks available, too. The Supernaturals are always a big-time player during the springtime open water bite, and they're a MUCH better investment than Dogecoin.... 😉

Supernatural Headlocks

Quadranscentennial 'skie

Before scrolling any further, take a look at the picture below and guess the age of the musky in the shot:

Iowa DNR

Believe it or not, that's the oldest known female musky in the state of Iowa, and she's 25 years young!

She was born before Google and Facebook were invented and a good 6+ years before the Double Cowgirl caught it's first 'skie... let that sink in for a minute. 🤯

She was captured on Lake Okoboji and was apart of the 1996 year class.

Ironically, since 2001 (the last time she was captured), the Iowa DNR put out nets 1,996 times across the entire Okoboji lake chain, and didn't recapture her until this year.

And what y'all really want to know: She is 46 inches long and weighs 26.9 pounds.


Now imagine how big a 25 year old Leech Laker swimmin' in Mille Lacs would be....

Musky "Memes"

This newsletter needs some musky meme-ery – buckle up!

Musky Memes

It's all about the simple things in life.

One More Piece

When musky guides teach their clients proper technique....only to watch 'em forget EVERYTHING the very next cast:

Jumping Sheep

We all have that one friend.... 😏

Musky Lures

Weird Pike Deal

Just when you think you've seen it all....

Check out this crazy "dead bait harness" from Ghost Products in Germany:

Dead Bait Rig

Now that's a unique design....

No clue if this setup would catch a muskie, but I'm lovin' this buttery GIF:

German Pike Bait

They've also got some interesting terminology on their website:

  • Trolling buckle = Trolling harness
  • Shovel = The bill of the bait
  • Triple hooks = Treble hooks

Anyway, just something random/different we thought you might enjoy 🤷‍♂️


– Luke Ronnestrand’s musky bait seminar (video)

– 2021 Musky Symposium to raise $$ for fisheries (link)

– Three musky day in MN w/ Doug Wegner (video)

– Nasty weather musky fishin’ w/ Burnin Eights (video)

– Crankbait Tackle Talk w/ Smith’s Fishing (video)

Musky Mayhem TackleAgency Bay Lodge


Check out this incredibly clean Badger State 'skie shocked up by the WI DNR – kinda feels like they're teasin' us with this photo 😂 #SoooSoon

Wisconsin Musky

Isaiah Price went to great lengths to protect this fishin' spot from the Pennsylvania spot-poachers. Can't blame him when he's catchin' blimps like this! 😍

Fat Muskie

Big congrats to Sam (12 years old) on boating this thick 41 incher down in NC!

Kid with Muskie

Best of all, he caught it on his own homemade dive-and-rise jerkbait he calls "The Battleship" – how cool is that?!?!

Homemade Musky Bait

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