Important DNR Survey (WI) – Supporting Muskies in IA and WI – Casting Cranks for More Bites

Important DNR Survey (WI) – Supporting Muskies in IA and WI – Casting Cranks for More Bites

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Wisconsin Muskies!!

Alright y'all – let's pull together for the Wisconsin musky fishin' folks.

The DNR finally has the survey available – here's the link to share your thoughts.

We ran through the survey and here are a few items that caught our eye:

4. Do you favor allowing trolling with 3 “lines” (i.e., hook, bait, or lure) per angler on all inland waters of Wisconsin?

16. Do you support making it illegal to use submerged artificial light sources for the intent of attracting and schooling fish and other aquatic life in Wisconsin waters for the purposes of fishing?

22. Would you support banning the use of live scopes, and similar 360° imaging electronics in all Wisconsin waters?

28. Do you support DNR including information on lead alternatives and the impact that lead ammunition and fishing tackle have on our ecosystems and public health in hunter education courses and hunting and fishing regulation materials?

32. Would you support the WCC and legislature creating a new statute that prohibits the use of wake boat ballast systems on Wisconsin's lakes and rivers?

33. Should the Legislature, the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Health develop and enact protective limitations on PFAS ("forever chemicals") compounds for acute and chronic toxicity in surface water, wildlife health, groundwater, fish consumption, and human health?

34. Do you support the elimination of the use of herbicide, 2,4D in aquatic ecosystems in the state of Wisconsin?

Our understanding is there's also a resolution available for folks from Dane County that asks about a $10 fishing license fee increase that would go mostly to hatchery sustainability and gamefish stocking in inland WI lakes.

Here's a quote from Greg Voss on the resolution:

"We believe that failure of 3 WI cold water fish hatcheries (Spooner, Woodruff and Wild Rose) in 2022 & 2023 to produce to capacity successful stocking musky fingerlings as requested by local DNR Fisheries Biologists in past years may be the “Canary in the Coal Mine” for less musky stocking throughout WI in 2024, 2025, & beyond due to DNR budget constraints. We have seen the damage no musky stocking has done to the MN musky fisheries"

He also shared a one page info sheet if you need more information.

We aren't going to tell you *how* to vote on any of these questions, but we would highly recommend taking some time and filling out the survey and sharing your thoughts. (Once again, here's the link to access the survey)

The survey closes THIS SATURDAY at noon.

Not sure why it's not available longer.... 🤷‍♂️

More Conservation Stuff

Tis the season for this kind of stuff, I guess!

We had a cool deal sent over by Donnie Myer:

The Mid-Iowa Muskies Inc. chapter obtained a Special Non-Resident Iowa Deer Tag and they're auctioning it off on Ebay right now 👀

Here's the link to the auction 👈

This is a cool opportunity to hunt trophy Iowa whitetail deer without going through the normal non-resident draw process (which can take years), and all proceeds are being used to fund Musky stocking research.

There's a lot more information on the Ebay page, but it's a worthwhile deal.

One last conservation thing this week....

Check out this video put together by Jeff Lyon:

Another good reminder: If you want to support musky stocking in the Madison chain, the Adopt-A-Muskie program is something you need to look into!

Meme Time!

Nothing beats a good pile of musky memes – here's a few we think you'll enjoy:

Sorry, that one was too funny not to share.... 😂

This next meme is for all the folks who follow the moon shtuff:

Pretty sure this dude is making the right decision. Water can wait.... 😉

Don't worry, we've all been there.....

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Here's a big one. The Muskie Odyssey is happening this weekend!

They have some great speakers and a seriously huge list of vendors this year. You can grab tickets here (link) or you can get more information here (link). 🔥

#2 – Not gonna lie, this Magnum Swimmin' Dawg in "3D Natural Sucker" looks like some serious spring musky candy. There's only 5 available right now on Taps & Tackle's website (link).... 👀

#3 – Here's some good info from Jim Saric on how he uses the Llungen Chubbie to fish around cover like rocks and weeds, and catch muskies that won't go on bucktails or other presentations:

#4 – Check out this super sweet boatside eat from Big John on Lake St. Clair:


– Angling Revolution baits back in stock (link)

– Spring Sale happening Apr. 12-14 at Thorne Bros! (link)

– Tips for fishing baits in the weeds w/ Steve Heiting (video)

– Adding coarse woody habitat increases fish movement (study)

– Andrew Schiera on the Musky Road Rules podcast (link)

– Canadian musky trip w/ Slime & Slay (video)

– Some musky lure talk w/ AA (video)

Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


Stellar river 'skie shot from fly slingin' guide Anthony Miller. That's a beauty!

Congrats to @jiggedupunlimited on catching this beast, a new PB, a few weeks back during a solo trip on the river!

Big congrats to Kate Tande on her first musky, fishing on Lake of the Woods this last season. Gotta love it!

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