Livescope Gone Wild! – Slobland Sterilization – Musky Memes

Livescope Gone Wild! – Slobland Sterilization – Musky Memes


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See ya at the Expo 🤙

It's been 3+ months since Minnesota has gone musky fishing, and we've collectively gone stir-crazy waiting for the 2024 season!

In the meantime, we're excited to hang out with a bunch of musky-heads at the Minnesota Muskie Expo, starting FRIDAY 🔥

If you're here at the show, say hey and let's talk some musky fishing!

B.A.S.S. has gone FFS wild!

Not sure if you have been following, but there's a LOT of FFS (forward facing sonar) buzz in the world of Bassmaster.

The first two tournaments of the season have been heavy "scoping" events and dudes are putting up some insanely wild weights. And who's been dominating?? Guys like 🇺🇸 Trey McKinney (19yo rookie) and 🇯🇵 Kyoya Fujita (livescope expert).

Here's a look at Kyoya's boat:

I read somewhere on the internet that Kyoya has 5 live transducers on his rig. 😮

Btw, here's a quick video on how he powers and manages 6 graphs and 5 ducers.

Several of the bass pros are running NBT screens up front, which allow you to have plus-sized HD screens at a lower price point than buying enormous units from Garmin/Bird/Lowrance – here's a look at Seth Feider's bow setup:

Of course, you all know where this goes next.... why have a 22 inch screen when you can simply overlay the scope onto your AR glasses???

Guys have started playing around with this already.

Ed Loughran was interviewed in an OutdoorLife writeup a couple weeks ago, where he explains how he can watch his Livescope on his glasses.

And just this week, Jay Siemens did a video ice fishing for pike and panfish with a lightweight pair of $450 AR sunglasses (link) 👀

Their AR units aren't as advanced as Apple's new $3,500 Vision Pro, but they also doesn't look nearly as dorky as Apple's big bulky headset. That said, Apple has some seriously impressive features packed into their tech.

Here's a look at what you can do with Apple's unit:

It's perfect if you want to watch Netflix and Livescope at the same time! 😂

We aren't telling you how you need to feel about all of this.... "We don't make the news, we just report it!" 😉 #dontshootthemessenger

Slobland Sterilization

Alright, back to the musky shhhtuff!

We recently had Kyle Garon (hardcore musky guide) on to speak to our Insider PRO members. He shared some great information on how he targets giant muskies out on the giant waters of Georgian Bay.

.... but he also gave us some behind-the-scenes info on a new video he posted titled "The Sterilization" where he and his clients caught a BUNCH of big muskies in one specific location.

Let's take a look at some of the Canadian giants that hit Kyle's net in the video 👀

First up, we have the perfect combination of juicy boatside eat and vicious, angry head-thrashing:

Just for reference, this is the caliber of fish Kyle and company are putting in the boat throughout this video:

Now imagine how stressful this moment must have been – thankfully this ended up making her way into the net:

This was one of the cooler slo-mo shots captured on Kyle's GoPro:

We had a few more GIFs lined up for this newsletter, but we decided to give your cell phone data plan a rest! 😂

It was great chatting with Kyle on Insider PRO. It's always cool learning new things from hardcore anglers in different parts of the musky belt.

Taps & Tackle

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Let's kick off this Mashup with a lean, ugly, ghostly 'skie from Jon Voight:

#2 – Check out these spicy 2024 show colors from the Llungen crew 🔥

You're lookin' at (1) .22 Short in "Gangsta Green", (2) .50 Cal in "Blue Origin", and (3) 6-inch Tony Grant Rattlin' Shad in "Holo Watermelon":

#3 – Okay, okay... We had to sneak one more of Kyle Garon's clips into the newsletter. That's a 53 incher thrashing it's head, trying to throw a big hard bait:

#4 – Has there ever been a better named beverage than Muskelager?? Doubt it!

The picture on the left was sent in by Russ "Smity" Smith. We found the other pic on the web.


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Not gonna lie, Kris Alexander had one of the absolute best musky shots of the 2023 season with this amazing two-toned musky photo. Well done!

Check out this big ole Metro musky caught by Brandon Norten this past summer. Thanks for sharing, man!

Props to Dylan Wolfe on poppin' this after dark bruiser on the cast 💪

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