Livescope Strike GIFs – How to cast better – Al Lindner on musky fishing

Livescope Strike GIFs – How to cast better – Al Lindner on musky fishing

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Live Viewin' Muskies

We love talkin' baits and tactics, but the biggest "game-changer" in musky fishing over the past couple decades has been electronics.

First it was high-def mapping, then it was Side Imaging.... now it's live viewing sonar like Garmin LivescopeLowrance ActiveTarget and Humminbird MEGA Live.

For how big the live sonar stuff has gotten the last couple years, I'm surprised there aren't more folks recording and sharing clips online.

I was watchin' a new video from Wired2fish and they had some sweet clips we had to share here in the newsletter:

#1 – Looks like a musky followin' a bait on a straight retrieve:

Following a Bucktail


#2 – Could you imagine watchin' a musky take a savage strike at your bait like this feisty open water 'skie??

Open Water Strike

#3 – Also, how cool is this strike, jiggin' over the top of some shallow weeds??

Jigging a Weed Line

We all know someone who still thinks fishin' with 2D sonar is cheating....

Probably shouldn't show 'em these clips, unless you want this reaction:

Grumpy Old Man

Casting Big Baits

If you haven't worked on improving your casting technique, this new video from Doug Wegner is worth a watch:

Casting Musky Baits

When you're castin' big baits, you should be optimizing for a few things:

  • Casting Distance
  • Minimizing Tumbling & Tangling
  • Minimizing Shoulder Fatigue

The first thing Dougie recommends is lengthening your leash:

Casting a Musky Lure

Another important piece of the puzzle is maximizing your output/effort ratio by using extra-long rods that launch baits long distances without a max-effort cast.

Doug likes to use a 10' XH Thorne Bros Predator Rod paired a Daiwa Prorex reel. This setup has a ton of length & backbone, making it perfect for chunkin' big, heavy rubber baits.

Thorne Bros Rod

Do yourself a favor.... Start using longer rods and dial in your casting technique. Your shoulder will thank you after a long season of fishin' big baits.

Musky Fishing = Punishment

Al Lindner Musky Fishing

Couldn't help but laugh reading this quote from Al Lindner:

"If you’re a very bad person in this life, your punishment will be casting to muskies for the rest of eternity."

Kinda makes sense if you think about it.... The grind is real! 🤣

Some of us willingly chose to start our "punishment" early.... 🤷‍♂️

Musky anglers every time they launch the boat:

Punishment Meme

But sometimes the reward is worth the hours of punishment!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Really diggin' this black canvas painting from @jkostella 🔥

Muskie Artwork

#2 – About the only time you'll see us excited about pike is when they're THIS massive – great shot from Elwin Van Middelkoop in the Netherlands.

Giant Pike

#3 – I think we've all been there.....


#4 – I can feel Josh Johnson's pain through the screen right now:

Lost Musky Hole in the Net

His quote with the photo:

"Please show me on the net where the giant musky hurt you. What a heartbreak.... Can’t wait for my new net to arrive."


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Musky Mayhem Tackle


Check out this big 55.25-inch Green Bay bruiser outta Doug Wegner's boat. #LowLightLeviathan

Night Muskie Fishing

Feast your eyes on this big, clean croc-headed 'skie from Donnie Manz in MN 💪

Minnesota Muskies

It doesn't get as much attention as MN, WI and ON, but Michigan sure has some beauty 'skies! Lovin' the colors on this 50-incher from David Dykowski 😍

Michigan Musky 50 inches

Danny Herbeck sure knows how to break in a new boat! This 54.5-inch monster was part of a three-fish-day on Eagle Lake. #KillinIt

54 inch musky

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