Luke Ronnestrand Tip – More ugly 'skies – Spring Leader Tips

Luke Ronnestrand Tip – More ugly 'skies – Spring Leader Tips

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MN Musky Expo 2020

Luke Ronnestrand Tips

Luke Ronnestrand Musky

Let's kick this email off with a tip from one of the top musky sticks out there, MN guide Luke Ronnestrand.

We told him he could talk about anything, and he came back with some killer advice on bucktail/topwater leaders:

"I like to use short 6-8 inch 140# solid wire leaders for my blades and topwaters.

"I'll build these leaders with a welded ring and an appropriate sized ball bearing swivel. I attach lures with a #5 super ring.

"There's a few reasons you might want to use a leader like this:

"It's stealthy compared to larger leaders. The length is great for figure 8’s (shorter leash = wider turns). They are lighter and won't make topwater lures nose dive, helping them work the way they were intended to. A steel leader may also make a different sound than a fluorocarbon leader while using a spinner.

"Lastly, eliminating the snap removes another potential weak link in the leader. Something to think about."

When Luke talks, hardcore musky-heads listen!

BTW – It's lookin' like one of the only chances to catch one of his seminars this show season is at the MN Muskie Expo next month.

Nine THOUSAND Miles???

Was listening to an episode of the Back Lash Podcast with Spencer Berman when I heard something that made me do a double-take....

Spencer guides on Lake St. Clair and covers some serious water in his Ranger:

"Last year my Humminbird kept track of how many miles I did – it has a little odometer. I was just short of 9,000 miles with my graph turned on. That includes drifting and driving.

"On the average day, it's nothing to do 80-90 miles total."

Honestly didn't know the Birds tracked miles....might need to look into that.

Nine thousand miles is ridiculous, that's literally FURTHER than a plane ride from MSP to Hong Kong....

Long Ride

The craziest part: Spencer isn't running a bunch of trollin' trips in this boat.

I could understand how a charter boat could rack up some serious mileage pulling cranks and blades at 3 mph everyday. Completely different story for casters like Spencer....

Downsizing Baits & Leaders

So, Luke covered leader strategies for bucktails and topwaters.

Now here's some advice from the leader guru himself, John Bette from Stealth Tackle, on casting smaller springtime hard baits.

You can watch the full video here:

Musky video

Once again, we're talkin' about downsizing leaders and eliminating components.

If you've ever had problems making small baits work correctly, there's a real chance your leader might be overpowering the action of your bait.


More Ugly 'skies

Starting to think the whole "snub-noser" phenomena is more common than we originally thought... 

Our buddy Pete Maina recently posted a pic of an extra ugly 'skie on his FB page. The comment section was filled with a parade of guys sharin' their ugliest fish. 

Here's a few of our favorites:

Can't tell if this one has a snub-nose, or just trying to avoid Timothy Boyer's smooch:

Snub Nose Musky

Not the biggest musky Jeff Frahm will ever catch, but no doubt the snubbiest:

Snub Nose Muskie

Okay, wrong esox subspecies, but check the mug on this 45-inch Canadian pike from Marc Evans:

Snub Nose Pike


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(Times based on Minneapolis) 

Lunar Chart

musky frenzystealth tacklesupernatural big baits


Feast your eyes on this St. Clair slob-a-saurus from guide Ian Jones. Based on the Off Shores in the background, guessin' this monster came on the troll.

Lake St. Clair Muskie

Guide Ken Trail popped a pair of muskies on back-to-back casts, saving the best for last with this big ole southern girl.

Ken Trail Musky

Check out this ghost-white Tennessee sumo 'skie from guide Nick Adams:

Tennessee Muskie Fishing

Nighttime was the right time for this big girl to come snappin' for Josh McDunn.

night musky pennsylvania

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