Luke Ronnestrand Tough Bite Tips – Proper Layering Strategies – Big Musky Pics

Luke Ronnestrand Tough Bite Tips – Proper Layering Strategies – Big Musky Pics

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Luke's Tough Bite Pattern

Luke Ronnestrand

One question we ask ALL of our speakers for Musky Insider PRO:

"What do you do when the bite gets TOUGH??"

We just had Luke Ronnestrand on a couple days ago, and we thought we'd share his response really quick here in the newsletter.

Take it away, Luke!

"When things are at their worst, I go to the weeds and throw rubber baits for the most part. A black chunk of rubber, whether it's a MedussaQuad Dawg, or Double Dawg – that's what I'll lean on."

Quad Dawg

"The next color would be a perch color or a natural walleye color. I'm going to imitate something that's alive in those weedlines.

"I'll try and find bait in those weed beds and really focus on those areas. Bait can be perch or panfish, stuff like that. We have some really cool things that happen on Lake Vermilion. We get ciscoes and whitefish that will use our weed beds when the water is cooler.

"Bonus points if these areas have current moving through them.

"That is my default if I ever find myself looking for a bite. ☝️"

That's a 72-second snippet from the full two hour chat with Luke.

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Tips for Staying Warmer

The vast majority of anglers don't know how to dress properly for cold springtime/fall weather.

You might be able to get away with a big puffy marshmallow suit if you're hanging a jig over the side of the boat for walleyes, but if you want to hook big muskies at the side of the boat, you need to be more strategic with your wardrobe.

This video from Jeremy Smith (Angling Edge) has a bunch of good advice:


The biggest key is utilizing the correct types of materials (ditch the cotton) and understanding how you can layer certain combinations of clothing to create the optimal combination of warmth and mobility.

There's LOTS to cover, so you're best-off watching Jer's video breakdown 👈

Don't Bite Off....

.... More than you can chew!

Muskies are famous for eating BIG meals (stuff around 1/3 of their size), but this Wisco 'skie took things a little too far:

Musky Eats a Pike

Thanks to Tommy Howell for sending the link – it came from TikTok where we don't spend much time for whatever reason.... 🤷‍♂️

BTW, TikTok put this warning above the musky/pike video:

"This video may contain disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised."

Because apparently animals eating other animals (AKA "nature") is disturbing?

Now if you want to see something that's REALLY disturbing:

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Can't take my eyes off this rack-full of walleye flavored musky catchers 👀 (cc Supernatural Big Baits)

Supernatural Big Baits

#2 – And the winner is....

Looks like Angling Revolution is bringing home the “Best in Show” hardware from the Chicago Muskie Expo. Also, they just restocked their website if you didn’t get a chance to scoop some "One’s" at the show. 👍

Best of Muskie Expo

#3 – Check out this sweet skull comparison photo that was published in a study from Dr. John Casselman: "Identification of muskellunge, northern pike, and their hybrids"

Esox Skull Comparison

#4 – Anyone else un-abductable??? 😂

Kidnapper Memes


– Maina, Pete Brown and Scott Keiper talk FFS (video) 👀 👀

– Ohio Musky Show happenin' right now! (link)

– Night fishing for MN muskies w/ Mayhem's 10k casts (video)

– The "Deadstick" technique w/ Steve Heiting (video)

– Bucktail tuning tip w/ Joe Bucher (video)

– Stray Cat Strut w/ Musky Hunter TV (video)

– Black Holes - Part Two w/ Keyes Outdoors (video)

Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


Stellar fall fatty from Tyler (@t.schlabsz) after dark in Minnesota:

Night Musky

We're always a sucker for snowy background musky shots. Here's an awesome one from Pistol Pete Maina:

Pete Maina Winter musky

Congrats to Brayden Boivin on boating this plump fall 'skie last season. Great fish dude!

Fall Musky

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