Mike Lazarus is Coming! – Glide Baitin' Tips – Some Musky Memery!

Mike Lazarus is Coming! – Glide Baitin' Tips – Some Musky Memery!

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A brand new musky season is just around the corner for the vast majority of our readers. That means NOW is the time start preparing....

If you want to severely tip the odds in your favor this year, you need to get plugged in with our program at Musky Insider PRO.


We have been working hard to round up new instructors for this year. We were lucky enough to get Dick Pearson back for another session, and we even wrangled Mike Lazarus into sharing some valuable info with our members in an upcoming session.

We're also VERY excited to have Dan Wojtusik as an instructor this year. Some of you might not recognize the name, but Dan has 29 (!!) musky tournament wins under his belt + some really fascinating thoughts and strategies for catching more muskies.

Why did we highlight those three guys?

Because they RARELY share information on social media or at sport shows. This is content you truly can't find anywhere else.

And as awesome as these three guys are, they are really just the tip of the iceberg that is the best lineup in musky fishing.

Here's a look at our current up-to-date list of instructors:

We have many NEW and returning instructors that you can interact with during our live Q&A sessions. And we have over 40 hours of recorded classes and Q&A's that you can start watching immediately.

Another perk of the membership is access to hard-to-find lures and/or custom colored baits you can't get anywhere else. This winter we had a big batch of "Hybrids" that were a secret weapon for many guides this past season:

We'll be hunting for more cool baits like this in 2024! 

One membership perk you can utilize RIGHT NOW is all members get 15% off at Thorne Brothers this year, all year, whenever you need it! It works for musky lures, musky reels, and musky rods (excluding Thorne Custom or Pre-built).

We'll send you the discount code right away when you sign up for Musky Insider PRO.

What are you waiting for?

Save money on musky gear, get access to unique baits, and learn from the very best musky anglers on the planet.


(We're closing the doors on April 30th, so get in before it's too late....)

You're not going to wanna miss this season of PRO!

Glide Bait Tips

Anybody remember this ridiculous boatside attack on Steve Genson's glide bait??

Insane.... What a heartbreaker!

Glide baits are crazy effective for getting fish to follow and strike when nothing else is trippin' their trigger. Here's a quick refresher with some great info from Steve on how to catch more 'skies on glide baits:

When's the best time to throw glide baits?

"The best time to use these baits is in cooler water – 65 degrees and less – but I’ve had great success throwing them all season long. They work great when fish aren’t responding to straight retrieve baits or when I’ve located stubborn fish on a spot and I can’t get them to move on other bait styles.

"They are excellent for fishing around rocks, weeds, wood and current seams – letting the lure pause for an extra moment on isolated sweet spots where muskies setup to ambush prey."

How do you work it?

"The most important tip I can give for glide bait fishing is to employ an erratic retrieve that’s constantly changing. Mixup your speed and cadence multiple times within each cast. You never know what will trip their trigger.

"You want the fish to bite before it gets to boatside because gliders aren’t the best baits in the figure-8. My go-to strategy to combat this issue is employing a “Death Pause” 3 to 5 feet from the boat.

"I’ll use quick, fast movements with darting action, then I’ll slow down my speed/cadence, and finally I’ll give the bait a hard pop and let it turn to the side and hang there (AKA the “Death Pause”). That’s when they’ll come up and smack it!"

What makes a good glide bait?

"They should have a quick, darting side-to-side action. I also like to see a little wobble and a slow sink on the pause. The best baits are the one’s that are easy to control, especially when I’m fishing with guide clients. That’s why I like the Hellhound – of all the glide baits I’ve tried, it’s the easiest to control. Phantoms and Mantas are great options, too."

Great tips from Steve – don't sleep on the gliders!

Btw, Steve shared some great info with our Musky Insider PRO members this past season. That content is available on-demand if you join today.



Da Musky mEmEs


Okay, let's shift gears and whip out the musky memes!

I freaking love this first one.... 😆

Anyone else have a fishing buddy who can't call it a successful day on the water without knocking the sides off a few fish?? 🙄

Okay, we can't just pick on our walleye fishin' buddies. We gotta spread the love a little bit and poke fun at the bassin' folks, too! Y'all watch some cringy content 😅

Anyone feel like they could be a more decorated champion than this dude?? 😉

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Saw this on Chase Gibson's IG page. Any of you have any of these baits in your box??? Or laying around in your boat like some musky folks we all know!

#2 – Check out this spicy Taps & Tackle exclusive color cooked up by the Conklyn Lures crew. It will be available at the shop before southern WI opener. 👍

#3 – Another year, another spring PMTT tourney on Cave Run! Here's the info for those who wanna fish it or follow along:


– Early season musky tips w/ Steve Heiting (video)

– Rod & reel tips w/ Smith's Fishing (video)

– Boat control information w/ Jim Saric (video)

– Cave Run musky talk w/ Road Rules Podcast (video)

– Clayton Spiess on Back Lash Podcast (link)

– Cool drone footage from musky fishing Georgian Bay (video)

Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


This big bruiser was caught by Spencer Berman (one of our PRO instructors) throwing the new Quad Dawg this past season.

David Dykowski has been champing at the bit to chase some muskies after this strange winter. Here's a picture of one of his October beauties from last season:

Here's another awesome 'skie from last year. Excellent fish and excellent photo from Michael Henck 🔥 Great job dude!

Wanna be featured in Musky Insider? Send in your recent trophy musky photos by replying to this email. You might just see your pic in next week's newsletter. 🤙

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