Muskies aren't the best fighters?? – Musky Artwork – Cool Drone Footage

Muskies aren't the best fighters?? – Musky Artwork – Cool Drone Footage

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Taps & Tackle

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Shocking Footage

File this one away under "stuff you don't see everyday"....

Check out this top-down drone view of musky shocking down in Kentucky:

Musky Shocking

If you aren't well-read on the topic, you might be surprised how many fisheries across North America rely on shocking to manage musky populations – Kentucky is no exception!

Maybe the best part about this video posted by Kentucky Afield is the comment section with tons of folks that have NO idea what's going on in the video 😉

Yeah Science

The Best Fighters??

Are muskies the best pound-for-pound fighters in the lake? Probably not.

That throne might belong to smallmouth, possibly bluegills. In our opinion, it doesn't matter a dang bit!

Just because Mike Tyson fought heavyweight doesn't mean he's not the last person in the world I'd want to jump in the ring with!

I know....this topic is extremely random, but I got all fired up after reading this quote from an article comparing/rating a few popular freshwater fish species:

"Sorry muskie fans, but I downplay their rating due to limited availability and the fact that their fight doesn’t match their aggressive look."

Not sure if the author's ever tangled with a big musky, but I can promise the fight will get you jacked-up in all the right ways!

Can't remember the last time a bluegill kicked a mouthful of water in my face – just ask Minnesota guide Luke Swanson and his client if they enjoyed this bout of hand-to-hand combat:

Musky Fight

Smallies go airborne all the time, but your heart never skips a beat the way it does when a big musky tries to throw your bait next to the boat.

BTW, this shot from Fish'n Canada is one of the best slo-mo's we've seen in a while:

Jumping Musky

We've got nothing against other species, but nothing makes a grown man/woman shake like the experience of battling the ultimate freshwater predator.

Musky Artwork

Here's some A+ musky-themed art we stumbled on this week:

Check out this awesome watercolor painting from Joseph Charlies, featurin' a musky starin' down a safety pin spinnerbait:

Water Colors

Really cool stained glass 'skie from Sharon Tipping, who's husband Jack is a retired WDFW biologist who started the Washington tiger program in 1988.

Stained Glass Muskie

@muskychasers posted a pic of this little guy on social media. He was hangin' out at the Musky Odyssey event (Canada's biggest musky get-together) a couple weeks ago. Anyone know which booth he was in??

Mini Musky Hold

Frank Berwig whipped up this wood burnin' project while he was waiting out the winter in Rhinelander, WI. Thanks for sharing, Frank!

Wood Burning Musky

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Really cool photo of Ben from @paddleheads chunkin' blades for 'skies:

Kayak Musky Casting

#2 – Speaking of blades, check out this beauty from Metal Head Musky Baits:

Sweet Bucktail Blade

#3 – How's this for unique?? @dannyreedtattoo is callin' it Musky Mutation:

Muskie Tattoo

#4 – Not specifically designed for muskies, but you can't tell me these ultra-realistic 12-inch bass swimbaits from @natesbaits wouldn't attract some toothy critters 😉

Have any of you had any success hijacking West Coast bass swimbaits for musky chasin' applications??

Realistic Trout Baits


– Thorne Bros Spring Sale happenin’ this weekend (link)

– Catchin’ some plus-sized ‘skies w/ Devoted Outdoors (video)

– Musky fishing in NE Wisconsin w/ Next Bite TV (video)

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– When to perform the “Dead Rise” w/ Steve Heiting (video)

– Iowa musky action w/ Matt Vavroch (video)

Muskies Inc


Props to Aidan Swartz on poppin' this gorgeous Pennsylvania river musky castin' from the bank 💪

Pennsylvania Muskie

@allinclusiveanglr caught this spring chunker fishin' outta his kayak:

Kayak Muskie

Tucker Siminak was bassin' up in the shallows when this incidental pot-bellied porker smashed his bait. This biggun is about ready to pop!

Accidental Musky

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