Muskies Spawn Twice?? – Best 'skie License Plates – Shore Fishing Fish

Muskies Spawn Twice?? – Best 'skie License Plates – Shore Fishing Fish

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Muskies Spawn Twice??

Interesting tidbit on musky spawning from Gord Pyzer during an interview on the Outdoor Journal Radio:

"When muskies share water with northern pike, they spawn twice that spring.

"The northern pike spawn under the ice and as the ice is retreating. Imagine one-and-half or two months later, those small northern pike are about the size of your small finger nail.

"Muskies will come in and lay their eggs, but the northerns will have an eight week advantage. As soon as those larval muskies hatch, they get gobbled up by young-of-the-year northerns.

"Muskies will come in the first time and lay about 75% of their eggs, then they will back off for about 7-10 days and come in a second time and lay the other 15-25%.

"That's Mother Natures way of ensuring, if you do it twice, there's a greater chance that you're going to be successful.... If you put all your eggs in one basket, often they get eaten."

Fascinating stuff!

Logic so simple that even Cosmo Kramer understands:

Two is better than one

Personalized Plates Done Right

Saw these custom license plates on the Muskie Fishing Tips & Tricks FB page and had to share 'em here in the newsletter:

Brad Nelson saw this gem rollin' down the road and snapped a pic.... gotta hand it to the dude for some A+ creativity:

Milwaukee Musky Plate

All the hardcore trollin' folks will understand this one from WI musky guide Brian Klein.... #IfYouKnowYouKnow


Definitely diggin' this plate that was shared by Dave Dawson:

Musky Men

No muskies in Alaska, but Jeff Breidenbach has the license plate locked up!

Alaska Musky

Another good one from Jason Kahler 🔥

L Turn

Also, we're super jealous that Wisconsin has those Musky Clubs Alliance plates....

Shore Fishin' Props

Musky season is in full-swing across most of the musky belt – MN opens this weekend, parts of Canada soon after.

There's been lotsa big 'skies caught already, but we gotta give a quick shoutout to the folks gettin' it done without a boat:

Tough to beat bridges when you're fishin' from the bank – that's where Tyler James caught this Wisconsin bruiser:

Bridge Musky

Props to Austin Bagge on poppin' this Michigan beauty:

Shore Fishing

No shoes, no boat, no problem! Awesome shore 'skie from Brandon Bey this past Memorial Day weekend. #girth

Nice Fish

Awesome muddy water 'skie from @md_toothcritters over in Maryland!

Southern Mud Muskies

Boats are expensive, gas is expensive – these dudes are saving $$ and still putting muskies in the net.... Gotta love it!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – How's that for a heart-thumper! Close call at boatside for Jessie Baker fishin' with her dude Doug Wegner.

Figure 8 Strike

#2 – It was just a matter of time until someone did this.... 😂

Killer job by Blake Loukota of Nordern Tackle:

Elon Musky

#3 – The Metro Muskie Tournament is happening next weekend, June 11th! Gonna be a WAY different bite than last year with water temps being extra-toasty with the early spring.

This trio of Tonka bruisers from Tim Willems took home the top prize last season:

Tonka muskies

#4 – Awesome painting from Bob White of the fish of 10,000 brushstrokes!

Painting of a Muskie


– Northern WI Opener w/ Todays Angler (video)

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– Controlled prey selection study with age-zero muskies (link)

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Nighttime is the right time! Congrats to Tanner Deegan on poppin' this nighthawk fishing with Brian Klein. 🔥

Huge Musky

For all the guys & gals impatiently waiting for the Canadian musky opener later this month.... check out this portly bruiser Nick caught fishin' with guide Paul Hacault on Lake of the Woods. She munched a Shallow Invader 💪

Lake of the Woods Muskie

Check out the belly on this fly-munchin' greenback from the UWSP Fly Club.

Fly Fishing Musky

Ridiculous sunset/musky photo from Stephen Weldon. Nice job dude!

Sunset Muskie

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