Musky Eating Big Dinner – Fish Headlocks like a Bull Dawg – Rock Musky Memes

Musky Eating Big Dinner – Fish Headlocks like a Bull Dawg – Rock Musky Memes

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Taps & Tackle

Some Seifert Tips

Matt Seifert

There's some goooood info in this interview ☝️ with Matt Seifert.

Lots of juicy nuggets throughout, including some talk on hot baits and lure modifications. We'll share a few highlights below:

First, Matt spills the beans on something pretty unique he's been doing:

"The 10-inch Mattlock is one of my go-to baits every year. I catch so many fish on it trolling, but last year, I was putting an 8-9 inch rubber tail on the back hook and using it like a Bull Dawg. It was amazing how well it worked. On a long cast with the middle line-tie setting, I would get the bait down to about 14-15 feet on a straight retrieve.

"I’d crank down fast right away (to get the bait to depth), then I’d slow it down and throw in some pops and twitches. It literally looked like a Pounder in the water, but it had way more movement and a better stall. That’s one thing I’m going to use a lot more this year."

Mattlock Mod

We don't have room for too many quotes here in the newsletter, but we couldn't leave out the part where Matt talks about how he likes to "school" his baits when he's trollin' for 'skies:

"For the most part, I put the bait with the most aggressive action and brightest colors in the front of the pack. I believe the 10-inch Mattlock is the most wild bait that Supernatural makes, so that’s one of my go-to’s up front. Behind that, I might run a walleye-colored 12-inch Mattlock, and in the back, I might have a 10 or 12-inch Headlock with a rubber tail on the back hook to slow down the action of the bait. Sometimes I’ll even run a 16-inch rubber tail on the Headlock and it almost kills it completely, it’s just barely moving.

"When the window opens, we’ll catch two or three fish on that first and second bait. But in-between those bite windows, the only bites we ever get are on those baits in the back of the pack – and a lot of times they are on the back hook. They see this bait that’s barely doing anything in the back of the pack, it looks like an easy meal, and they will nip at it."

Excellent stuff from Matt, as always! Make sure to check out the full video for more goodies from Matt 👍

Rock Hard Memes

Not sure why, but we decided to whip up a few musky-themed memes featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.... 🤷‍♂️

Okay, here's the first one:

Grump Musky Hold

☝️ PSA: It's OKAY to smile in your musky photos!

Okay, anyone else ever feel the pain of being the only musky angler in the room??

Dinner Table meme

Screenshot this next meme and send it to your fishin' buddy.... 😂

Buddy Bringing Too Much Fishing Gear

Anyone know if Duff has any of these spicy custom colors in-stock anywhere??

Dwayne Headlock Johnson

Okay, no more "The Rock" memes.... 😂

Dockin' Big Musky

One thing we love doing in this newsletter is proving that catch and release works.

The best way we know how to do that is by sharing photos of folks who've caught the same musky more than once.... and it happens ALLLL the time.

Here's a cool one sent in by Logan Eerola.

He caught this big beauty off the same dock TWICE. Here's her first appearance:

Dock Musky 1st

The first encounter was November 2022. She measured 50.25 inches and lunched a Water Wolf Ratzilla.

Next time around was this past September during some primetime t-shirt weather!

She was half an inch longer and ate a Water Wolf Shadzilla:

Dock Musky 2nd

The best part about seeing someone catch the same musky more than once is it makes you wonder.... If one person caught this musky multiple times, imagine how many times it was caught by other anglers who have never met this guy or seen his pictures.

Love it!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – If you want to see an occasional ugly musky, you're following the right newsletter! This one was caught on the Potomac River outta Brett Poffenberger's boat. Funny enough, this fish was also a recapture.

Ugliest Musky

#2 – Check out this shot sent in by Todd Schulz – it's an upper 40 inch musky with a mouthful of a pike #shehungry

Musky with Pike in it's mouth

#3 – Look at this big fish (52.25 x 26") sent in by Matt "The Fishing" Pigeon. She's an old 'skie with barely any teeth left 👵

Musky Still Hungry

#4 – How sweet is this water release shot from Tyler Guckenberger on Georgian Bay – that's a portly porknanny with some big shoulders! 🐷

Releasing a big musky


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pike & musky shop
Muskies Inc


Absolute beauty of a sumo-bellied musky out of Adam Listopad's boat:

Fat Musky

David Buche popped this bronze beauty on an inland Michigan lake in December!

Big FIsh

Another December bruiser... This big LSC 'skie from Cole Lauzon hasn't missed any meals in a long, long time!

Lake St. Clair Musky

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