Musky Gear Gift Ideas – Mammoth 'skie Caught – Impressive River Fish

Musky Gear Gift Ideas – Mammoth 'skie Caught – Impressive River Fish

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Taps & Tackle

Dad's Day Special!

It's that time of year again!

This week, we're going to highlight some musky-themed Father's Day gift ideas.... and remember you're supposed to buy this stuff FOR YOUR DAD 😂

This meme is too good not to use again....

Fathers Day meme

Anyway, let's kick this email off with some baits!

Gift Ideas: Musky Baits

What musky chasin' dad doesn't need a few more lures in his arsenal??

The low-hanging-fruit option in this category is definitely custom colors.... and Musky Innovations has a BUNCH of them on their site.

 Custom Dawgs 

You can't go wrong loading up on Magnum Bull Dawgs – check out these awesome colors.... 

Custom Bull Dawgs Lures

Another top rubber pick is the Shallow Swimmin' Dawg. Here's a few choice colors:

Shallow Swimmin Dawg

Now let's look at some blades....

 H2O Bucktail 

A sweet lookin' bucktail we haven't talked about much yet is the H2O Switch Clevis bait.... we could explain what makes these baits unique, but I think it would be easier to just show you:

H2O Bucktail Switch Clevis

That's slo-mo footage (50% speed), btw. Pretty cool and SUPER unique.

They come in four different body configurations: Straight Single Tail (link), Straight Double Tail (link), Jointed Single Tail (link) and Jointed Double Tail (link).... and you can easily change out blades on-the-go.

 Llungen .50 Cal 

What about a proven, fish-catchin' bait that won't break the bank??

Sounds like a good gift idea to me!

A killer crankin' option is the Llungen's .50 Cal – a nine inch bait (11" with the lip) that has a wide-wobbling action and a deep dive curve.

Llungen .50 Cal Crankbait

Best of all, it's catching big muskies right now – here's a 50 incher from Chad Harmon this spring:

50 inch musky .05 cal

Man, that's a true West Virginia pork nanny!

Alright, let's change gears and look at some rod/reel/line options....

Gift Ideas: Rod/Reel/Line

If you wanna step-it-up this Father's Day, this section might have what you're lookin' for. Rods & reels weigh a little heavier on the wallet, but make A+ gifts.

 Daiwa ProRex 

The Daiwa ProRex reels are still very new, but we've heard some good reviews from the dudes running them.

ProRex Musky Reel

Worth a look if you aren't afraid of rocking a purple reel! 😉

 Shimano TranX 

The Shimano TranX is the heavily-test, tried & true option if you're lookin' to pick up a new reel for your pops.

Shimano Tranx

You'll wanna grab the 300 size if your dad primarily throws smaller baits, otherwise the 400 and 500 size will be your go-to for most musky presentations.

 Fresh Musky Leaders 

Don't forget about leaders!

If you're anything like us, you get anxiety thinking about the mish-mash of terminal tackle your dad uses on his musky setups.... 😉

Spring, small-bait tactics are still very much in-play, and the perfect leader option for many of the lures that fall into that category is 5-inch 174# Stealth Spring Leader:

Spring Musky Leader

It has premium components and a bare-necessities hardware design that keeps your small springtime baits running with as much action as possible.

 Thorne Bros Custom Rods 

There aren't too many things that can top a premium custom musky rod when you're lookin' at high-end gifts for dad.

One of the best options available is the Thorne Bros Predator Rods:

Thorne Bros Custom Rod

They have A+ blanks, and you can customize EVERY aspect of the rod build, including the guides, wrap color, the length and action of the blank, handle material/length/thickness, etc.

Alright, let's wrap-up this year's gift guide with some miscellaneous musky gear:

Gift Ideas: Other Musky Stuff

This first one might have some SERIOUS utility right about now....

 Simms Bugstopper Hoodie 

No sunburn + less bugs + lightweight & breathable.

That's basically the perfect equation for summer fishin' comfort.... just add fish!

That's where the Simms Bugstopper hoodies comes in to save the day. They have a few in-stock on the Taps & Tackle website right now in sizes S to XXXL:

Bugstopper Hoodie

Might need to grab one of these, the way this summer has been going....

 A Fun Fishing Trip 

When it comes to family, it's tough to beat trips/experiences.

There are lots of good places to stay around the state, but having musky-friendly accommodations is a priority for us.

Our friends at Agency Bay Lodge host an annual musky school, and they support this muskies-only newsletter. That's two points for the good guys! 😉

Agency Bay Lodge

In all seriousness, if you're lookin' for a place to stay on Leech Lake, this is a great option. They work with many of the best musky guides on the lake and have their finger on the pulse. 💪


There's nothing wrong with cheap sunglasses.... but if you've never tried premium shades, you don't know what you're missing!

Our best recommendation would be picking up a pair of Costa Blackfins. They are low-profile and very popular in the fishing circles:

Costa Blackfin

They are a little pricy, but I don't think you'll regret going with the high-end premium glass option vs. plastic.

Let's wrap this newsletter up with a musky mashup and some big fish pics!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – How sick is this slo-mo boatside glide bait strike from Jeff Andersen???

Glide Bait Musky

#2 – Not sure how we find so many wood-burnt muskies.... but what's cool about this one from Crooked Lake Creations is it's PLUS-SIZED at 55 inches long. 🤯

Wood Burning

#3 – Diggin' this green-on-green beauty shot from David Holmes 🔥

Green Musky

#4 – Some relationship advice: Find yourself someone that looks at you the way musky anglers look at a big 'skie in the net. 😍

Musky Meme


– Southern WI musky fishing w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Topwater fishing action w/ Doug Wegner (video)

– Cold Front Game Plan w/ Joe Bucher (video)

– Late spring muskies w/ Angling Anarchy (video)

– Kayak/Shore fishing for muskies (video)

– Spring musky fishing in Iowa w/ Matt Vavroch (video)

Metro Musky Tournament BannerAgency Bay Lodge BannerMusky Innovations Banner


Check out the belly on this absolute slob of a musky from Reese on the Detroit River! This girthy girl couldn't resist a Bondy jiggin' underneath the boat.

Bondy Bait Musky

How crazy are the tall sides on this mean lookin' river 'skie from Capt. Gavin Scray???

Giant River Musky

Green Bay guide Kyle Tokarski wasted ZERO time putting some beautiful spots in the net last week once the season opened up in northern WI. Gotta love the patterns on those Great Lakes fish 😍

Green Bay Musky

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