Musky on Ultrasound? – Cool Sightfishing Strike – Big 'skies

Musky on Ultrasound? – Cool Sightfishing Strike – Big 'skies


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Taps & Tackle

Ultrasound 'skie

One of the biggest signs of obsession is you start seeing your topic of fixation ALL OVER the dang place.

We see muskies in the clouds, in the mashed potatoes 😂, but here's a new one....

Have you ever seen a musky in an ultrasound??

Musky Ultrasound

I'm thinkin' this is the perfect Rorschach (inkblot) test to tell if you're hopelessly obsessed with musky fishing. 😅

Studies have shown: the 25% of our readers that use livescope to target 'skies were able to recognize the ultrasound musky 45% faster than the rest of our readers!

Stats meme

But seriously, why are we the way that we are?? 😅

Sweeeet GIFS

This is a GIF-heavy newsletter this week, so hopefully, you've got some strong internet access right now! 😂

Here's a few we thought were cool:

Just when you thought you weren't going to see a musky eat by your feet for another 6 months....

Musky Ice Eat

Saw that clip on the @muskie_nation page. Not sure the original poster.

This next one isn't a figure-8 masterclass by any means, but a really cool visual from @fisherman_jase of a musky following his swimbait onto a rip rap bank.

Musky on the Rocks

Okay, last one! How sick is this slo-mo lift from Utah fly dude Cade Moore??

Tiger Musky Hoist

Weird Pike Deal

Apparently, they do bait fishin' a little differently across the pond (well, sometimes anyway.... 😂)

Check out this crazy "dead bait harness" from Ghost Products in Germany:

Dead Bait Rig

Now that's a unique design....

No clue if this setup would catch a muskie, but I'm lovin' this buttery GIF:

German Pike Bait

Haha, of course a musky would smash that thing!

They also use some interesting terminology on their website:

  • Trolling buckle = Trolling harness
  • Shovel = The bill of the bait
  • Triple hooks = Treble hooks

Anyway, just something random/different we thought you might enjoy 🤷‍♂️

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Check out these tasty new colors in Llungen's .22 Long and .50 Cal crankbaits. You've got "Walleye Shandy" on the left and "White Tiger" on the right 👇

Tasty New Colors

#2 – Here's a quick glimpse from Kamden Glade of muskies getting tagged before heading to Lake Vermilion. This was from a batch of 3,000+ potential 50-inchers!

Popping Tags

#3 – Very, VERY cool pinball machine from John Tard 👀 👀 👀 #need

Pinball Machine

#4 – Saw this on the Muskies Canada IG page. First off, Happy New Year everyone! Secondly, I'm getting AI vibes from this pictures – whatcha think??

Happy New Year


– Catching big fall pre-freeze musky w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Jigging for Ohio Musky w/ Mayhem’s 10k Casts (video)

– Southern musky fishing w/ Keyes Outdoors (video)

– Episode #1 of Musky Hunter TV is on YouTube (video)

– 6 musky day w/ Smith’s Fishing (video)

pike & musky shop
Muskies Inc


Awesome late season 'skie from Cortland Spletter – here's the caption he sent with the photo 😂: "Lac Seul 49.99. I couldn’t stretch it far enough lol"

Snow Musky

Great nighttime musky from Austin Gates fishing with his buddy Dylan Peotter. She drilled his bait when he wasn't paying attention and had 4 feet of line dangling off the side of the boat. According to Austin, it "felt like I hit a piece of wood followed by wild head shakes."

Night Musky

You know you're doing it right when you have the reflection of the moon in the back of your musky picture. Sweet shot from Scott Ellis 🔥

Night Muskies

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