Musky Stealin' Reverend – Ty Sennett up Next – Some Bigguns

Musky Stealin' Reverend – Ty Sennett up Next – Some Bigguns

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Neat Rod Mod

Thought we'd kick this newsletter off with a super quick tip that you could do TODAY whether you're in the thick of the southern musky season, or you're up north waiting for the season to open back up.

This idea is from the late, great Tom Gelb. #RIP

Pete Maina shared it on his FB page with this caption:

"Several decades ago Tom Gelb talked about this. Tried it on one muskie rod and standard procedure ever since. Drill an 1/8th inch hole in trigger on rod, buff with a little sandpaper... great lure hanger location; keeps hooks away from line and blank while bouncing down road or lake."

Here's an example for you visual learners:

Great concept, especially for rods with wimpy or broken hook hangers.

Thought this was worth sharing as it's something you can do in the off-season, and there's really no downsides to drilling a hole in the trigger. 🤷‍♂️

Musky Nabbin' Reverend

Okay, this is a wild one.....

(Thanks to Matt Thomas for sharing)

How far would a reverend in the 1960's go to steal another dude's musky?

Pretty dang far, apparently!

This recent article on outlines the entire saga of Rev. Otha Durrett and Kentucky musky-ace Quentin Vance: a couple dudes who got tangled in a dispute over a 52" x 27" giant of a KY musky.

Btw, here's a look at the big river 'skie 60-ish years later:

There are too many details to share here in the newsletter, and an abbreviated version of the story wouldn't do it justice.

You can click here to read Patrick Durkin's full article, which includes an A+ fish tale and some interesting info from Maryglenn Warnock who has her own connections to this wild saga.

U-G-L-Y Muskies

Alright, here's a few not-so-pretty muskies sent in by our readers....

First, we have a stumpy lookin' New Jersey musky from Dave Vollenweider:

Dave also added this note:

"I inquired to NJ Division Of Fish and Wildlife, and apparently this condition is called "Stump Body" and appears to be genetic. My fish had a huge muscle patch on the nape of the head. It was only 32 inches long, but I'd bet it weighed close to 15lbs."

Next up, Cole Lauzon (AKA No Troll Cole) might have found one of the most unique musky in Lake St. Clair! Kinda ugly, but also kinda cool lookin'. Thanks for sharing, man.

This last one was sent in by Troy Shirley. He caught this ugly little Quasimodo this past June in shallow water, near an island up in the weeds:

Crazy enough, his buddy caught the exact same fish almost two months later, roughly 1/2 mile away on a deep point.

Gotta love it!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Check out this big, bold Esox eyeball hangin' up on Larry "The Legend" Ramsell's wall – thing of beauty!

#2 – Here's another piercing musky eyeball! How sweet is this up-close-and-personal tiger photo from Grady Codd???

#3 – Excellent shot from the Llungen crew, featuring an awesome musky with a .22 Short pegged right in the corner of the mouth 🔥

#4 – Gotta hand it to Paul Momany for snappin' one of our favorite sunset shots with the triple-tailed Medussa blowing in the wind:


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Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


This was one of many big 'skies caught by Kyle Garon, using the squared clevis from "The One" bucktails and adding bigger plus-sized blades. Kyle is seriously on 'em out there on the other G-Bay (Georgian Bay).

Btw, looks like they just added their new bigger bladed “Ones” (9/10 and 10/10) to the website. They also added an option to simply buy the clevises for folks who like to build their own bucktails 👍

Kris Alexander posted this pic on social media this week. He's 100% ready for musky season. The updated count is 84 days until musky opener in Ontario! 🇨🇦

Awesome musky from Will Zeichert that won August's "Lunker of the Month" for the Capital City Muskies Inc. chapter this past season.

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