New Bucktail/Jig Hybrid – Overlooked Gear for Releases – Clear Ice Fight

New Bucktail/Jig Hybrid – Overlooked Gear for Releases – Clear Ice Fight

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Overlooked Release Tools

Safely releasing muskies is CRITICALLY important if you want to maintain healthy musky populations on your favorite fisheries.

This video from Josh Borovsky breaks down some overlooked life-saving musky techniques and tools you should consider having in your boat.

Musky Fishing Tools

It's an interesting watch because he focuses on the shtuff most folks aren't talking about.... There’s also some great tips for dealing with deeply hooked fish.

Here’s a quick sneak peak:

#1 – Lindy Fish Handling Gloves vs Spreaders:

Josh explains why he finds himself using Lindy Fish Handling Gloves to pry a musky’s mouth open instead of using a typical jaw spreader.

#2 – Cutting the Shaft:

When big bucktails get taken deep by a fish, it can be difficult to see through the skirt material to identify where hooks need to be cut or popped out.

In these situations, Josh cuts the shaft of the bucktail, allowing him to simply slide off all the skirt material, blades, and beads so all you are left with is a wire and a bare hook.

Why didn't I think of that

#3 – Using a Hook Pick:

For some reason, the hook pick seems to be a tool that's missing in many musky boats these days, but it’s essential for deeply hooked fish and allows you to push backward, doing less damage to the fish.

#4 – "The Jaws of Life"

In addition to the Knipex bolt cutters that are standard in most musky boats, Josh also keeps a giant set of bolt cutters capable of cutting baits in half or 9/0 hooks at the shaft where all their shanks are welded together.

#5 – Pliers Long Enough for the Job:

Josh suggests 13.5 to 16 inch models and notes that many experienced anglers are trying to get away with models shorter than that. There will be times you need all that extra length for the health of the fish and also for your own personal safety.

Like we mentioned above, that's a just a quick "sneak peak". Make sure to watch the full video for more information and more tools/techniques from Josh!

New Blades

Musky Mayhem's been kickin' out killer baits ever since the Cowgirl wayyy back in the day. Here's a closer look at the newest "weapon" in their arsenal:

Grenade Musky Bucktail

They're callin' it the Grenade, and it's basically a jig/bucktail hybrid.

You can fish it two ways – swimming it with a straight retrieve or pull-pausin' it, which allows you to cover different depth levels.

Check out this sweet slo-mo from their promo video 🔥

Musky Head Shake

They have it available for pre-order right now on their website 👍

Crazy Ice Views

This isn't a northern pike newsletter and it's definitely not an ice fishing newsletter, but how insane is this hardwater view shared by Ted Stardig??

Huge Pike Ice Fishing

Guessing most of you don't get excited about ice fishing for pike, but watchin' a big one swim underneath you on thin, clear ice should be enough to get your heart pumping!

Better than finding one of these little snot rockets on the end of your bucktail....

Hammer handle Pike

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Props to John Haffner on the A+ Christmas sweater this year:

Musky Christmas Sweater

#2 – Lovin' this underwater snap from @theappalachianangler 😍

Underwater Musky

#3 – Talk about "showing the fish something TOTALLY different".... Can't say I've seen too many baits with this paint job (via @capt.markus).

Unique Paint Job

#4 – Diggin' this stop-time castin' shot from the Lake X crew:

Lake X photo


– More info on the new “Ultra Dawg” (video)

– MN Muskie Expo is March 4th, 5th and 6th (link)

– Musky Odyssey will be April 9th, 2022 (link)

– Battle of the Virginias happenin’ March 12th & 13th (link)

– End of season musky fishing w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Doug & Jessie catch some ‘skies (video)

– Musky catchin’ on Swedish swimbaits (video)

musky mayhem


Props to Jeff Markham on landing this big bodied 52 x 24" tank-a-saurus earlier this season!

Giant Musky

This gorgeous 'skie from Stewart was caught on a Grenade prototype during the testing/tweaking phase this season.

Musky on a Bucktail

Check out the belly on this blimp of a musky from Matt F. fishin' from a kayak!

Fat Kayak Muskie

Beautiful, clean shore fishin' catch from Jonah VanGeest – props dude!

Shore Fishing Muskies

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