New Can't-Miss Musky Lure – James Lindner interview – Some ugly 'skies

New Can't-Miss Musky Lure – James Lindner interview – Some ugly 'skies

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New Bucktail on the Block

There's a new bucktail in town, and it's a true can't miss bait! 👀

The One Bucktail

It's called "The One" from Angling Revolution – here's a few of the high points:

1 – It has a square-shaped clevis that spins on a round wire, giving it a unique sound/vibration that drove muskies crazy during the testing/development stage.

2 – The clevis allows you to quickly swap-out blade styles, sizes, and colors, which means you can experiment with different presentations and stay ahead of the trends without buying a bunch of NEW baits.

Versatility +  Save $$ + Save Storage Space = 😍


3 – It straight-up catches 'em! Here's a quick quote from Josh Borovsky who helped develop the lure:

"This bait was pure magic last year in my boat. At one point, we caught 38 fish in a row on The One and zero on any of the other baits we were throwing, until we finally broke the streak and caught one on a topwater."

Josh had CRAZY success on his new bait, but it was also hyper-productive for the other folks he had testing the prototypes.... including Corey Kitzmann who caught this 50.5 incher on his FIRST CAST with The One:

The One

If you wanna know more about "The One", there's a bunch of information on the website – alternatively, you can watch this video where Josh breaks down the entire story & design theory:

The One Video

You can also get an in-person look at the MN Muskie Expo happenin' very, very soon (Mar. 10-12).

That will be the first opportunity for the general public to actually purchase the new bucktail.

If you can't make it to the MN Show, more baits will eventually be available on the website once the dust settles from show season.

James Lindner Interview

Lookin' for some good listen material this week??

We really enjoyed this interview with James Lindner and the Todays Angler crew:

James Lindner Musky Interview

Lots of fun and interesting tidbits on Jimmy's history in the fishing industry – here's a few of our favorite moments we think you might enjoy:

  • (7:03) – A story about Jim's neighbor Hickory Campbell
  • (8:26) – His experiences guiding in Canada during his college years
  • (16:45) – James talks about pouring lead at the "Lindner Sweat Shop" 😂
  • (22:28) – Early Lindner print publishing history
  • (28:26) – Why the first In-Fish TV shows were so hard to film
  • (32:54) – Why James believes mapping tech is still the biggest key to the fishing electronics puzzle
  • (44:44) – Fishing w/ Dahlberg & driving boats to the Bahamas from FL
  • (48:01) – When James officially got the Musky Bug
  • (53:09) – Jim's top baits when he fished the Miss. River back in the day
  • (55:50) – Musky fishing in Canada
  • (1:09:45) – Forward-facing sonar and new tech

☝️ All the links above are clickable if you wanna watch any of the sections listed.

Some Uglies 😱

One thing humans and muskies have in common:

Not all of us can be beauty queens 😂

Here's a few ugly 'skies that won't be winning any beauty contests:

First up is a mouthy musky from Pete Maina:

Mouthy Musky

Next we have a yourclassic 51-inch snub-nosed brute from @timberxtitanx27 in the Thousand Islands region:

Derpy Musky

Tel Hepfler caught this muddy river rat fly fishin' from shore:

Muddy River 'skie

Last on the Ugly List is another snubber, this time from Rick Martin on GB:

Green Bay goober

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Decided to whip up this meme in the spirit of musky show season – once again, if you're at the MN Show, make sure to say "hi!"

Musky Expo Meme

#2 – Anyone else love bait munchin' shots like this one from Spanky Baits?? #sandwiched

Spanky Baits

#3 – Keeping your hooks sticky-sharp is SUPER important. Nothing feels worse than losing a fish because you couldn't spare a moment to sharpen your trebles!

Lots of good hook files on the market, we've been happy with this one:

Hook File

#4 – Really diggin' this "Phantom Walleye" color from Beauzooka Baits:

Phantom Walleye Color


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– River musky fishing w/ Keyes Outdoors (video)

– 2023 musky talk w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Fishing a new lake w/ 54 or Bust (video)

– "Bombs Away" w/ Mayhem’s 10k Casts (video)

– "Secrets of Rock Walls" w/ Steve Heiting (video)

Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


Gorgeous plus-sized 52" bronzie from Capt. Chaos Musky Guide Service on Chautaqua Lake, caught on a Llungen Nutbuster Jr. in Flowage Green.

Llungen Lures Musky

Beautiful MN Metro musky from @mudpuppytackleco – anyone else done with winter?? 🙋‍♂️

Throwback Muskie

In contrast to the "Ugly" muskies above, this 49 incher from Justin Bearer is clean as a whistle – nice fish man!

Clean Muskie

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