New Lowrance Live vids – $11k Fishing Kayak – Another 50 Pounder Caught?

New Lowrance Live vids – $11k Fishing Kayak – Another 50 Pounder Caught?

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Tail-Chasin' Muskies

Our buddy Pete Maina recently asked his FB followers to share some of their favorite fish floppin' photos.... the responses didn't disappoint!

Here's a few of the best shots:

This one's from Thomas Allen, digital content dude over at In-Fish:

Thomas Allen Muskie

Guessin' Josh Teigen's facial expression changed just moments after this photo was snapped....

Big Tooth Musky Baits

Forrest Huset posted this one with the caption:

"Missing Ontario more and more each day 😔😔"

Fish Flop

We're right there with ya, buddy.....

And here's one last tail chaser from Austin Wiggerman:

Musky Fighting

Just a few examples of why it's important to have complete control of the fish before you lift it outta the net. A strong grip on the gill plate could mean the difference between successful catch-n-release and a floater....

Glad these dudes were able to maintain control of these extra-green fish! 👍

A Frenzy of Musky Action

Have you peeked the new MuskyFrenzy video yet – breakin' down their fresh, new IC9 bucktail?

It's got some good info and a lot of wild musky action on the bait 🔥

You can watch it right here:


Tough to choose a favorite boatside action scene from the video, but this 52 inch high-jumper might take the cake....

Jumping Musky in Slow Motion

Sounds like the IC9 was ultra productive this past summer, accounting for some sweet fish, including this insane 56 incher from Mike Zuhlsdorf and his guide Matt Snyder:

Big Musky

Fly Fishin' Leader Setup

If you're a fly-flinger or a wanna-be-fly-flinger and need some help with your leader setup, you'll wanna check out this video from MN guide Luke Swanson:

Fly Fishing Musky Leader

Lots of good info jam packed into a few minutes.

The terminal tackle for flyin' is a lot different than your traditional musky setup. You can't just slap a standard musky leader on there and call it good....

Luke breaks down his entire setup, including fluorocarbon, stainless steel, his go-to snaps and all the knots in-between. It's a lot to lay out here in the newsletter, so you'll just have to check out the video.

Not gonna lie, every time I watch a fly angler peeling line, making a big pile of line on the deck of their boat, I always imagine the aftermath lookin' something like this:

Tangled Cord

Some Random Stuff....

A couple things that caught our eye this week:

Here's a cool on-the-water look at the new Lowrance Active Target in "Scout" mode from bassin' pro Shaw Grigsby:

Lowrance Active Target

Those are ladyfish, which are roughly the same size as walleyes.

Man, I can't wait to see Humminbird's new tech early next year..... and whatever Garmin's got up their sleeve. 🤔

Speaking of REALLY expensive fishing gear, check out this $11,000 kayak:


Looks like something from Bladerunner....

Lots of cool features and whatnot – especially for shallow river fishin' – but for $11k, I'll take a real boat. Sorry guys!

Also noticed they literally have financing options on their website for those of you who don't have $11k (plus taxes) burnin' a hole in your bank account. 😂

I just can't imagine taking out a loan on a kayak....


– 2021 PMTT tourney schedule (link)

– December Musky Fishing w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Round two on Mille Lacs w/ Doug Wegner (video)

– Fly fishin’ tiger muskies in Utah (video)

– Tiger musky action in Washington State (video)

– Apparently they allow musky spearing in Utah? (link)

.....which other states allow spearing 'skies? Hate to see it.

musky hunter tv


HUGE congratulations to Erik Jacobson on solo-trollin' up this monster Mille Lacs musky this fall. She was 55 inches long and probably half-that around the belly – a serious Minnesota porker!

Giant Musky

This massive 'skie from Simon Lauzon spent too many lunch breaks piggin' out at the local Pizza Ranch. Actually, I'm pretty sure they don't have PR in Canada – must be all the poutine.... 😉

Canadian Musky

Nicholas Colangelo has been absolutely smashin' the Pennsylvania 'skies this fall. Lovin' the colors on this December tanker.

December Musky Fishing

John Anderson wrapped his season up with some white-out musky action:

John Anderson Musky

Really loved this quote from John, summin' up his year of guiding north of the border:

"At the end of a year so different from all others I feel very grateful. In May I did not know if I would have a job. In the end it was one of the most satisfying years on the water I have had. Just thank you."

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