New Quad Dawg – Musky Bait Modifications – Ugly 'skies

New Quad Dawg – Musky Bait Modifications – Ugly 'skies

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Taps & Tackle

Musky Mods

Here's a couple musky bait mods to get your creative juices flowin' this week....

First, we've got a treble tweak from Tim Norris:

Treble Hook Mod

Tim's thoughts:

"We all like the pretty hook mods with colored threads and epoxy, but when it comes time to cut hooks and safely remove them from fish, I find it much easier to replace some wire, heat shrink and a zip tie."

Simple easy system. 👍

The next modification we've got is from Jim Enger on a Shallow Invader:

Shallow Invader Hook Mod

Jim: "I have seen others where the extension is threaded thru the rear hanger but I like a small split ring instead. Reduces kinking of the leader material. I use 174#. I carry several extras in my hook box. Make one of the end loops small enough to be threaded thru the split ring; much easier to install that way."

Looks clean!

If any of you have any lure modifications that help you catch more muskies (or just make things simpler/easier), reply to this email and send 'em our way 👍

Swimbaitin' Thoughts

Came across this interesting quote while reading a recent In-Fish writeup:

"Guys were throwing the same baits day in and day out with fewer and fewer fish caught. Muskies began to follow more and more often, instead of eating lures. Eventually, it seemed like walleye anglers were encountering more muskies than muskie anglers were."

Swimbait for Musky

"That’s when I started experimenting with 4- to 6-inch Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits and Kalin’s Sizmic Shads rigged on 1/2- to 2-ounce bullet-head jigs. I can easily change jig sizes to match different current conditions. Pre-rigged swimbaits are another option once you have mapped out key muskie areas."

That’s Austin Gates talkin’ about how he likes to use swimbaits to methodically comb high percentage spots while castin’ from the river bank.

Seems like most folks in the musky world have a bigger-is-better mindset, but we've seen a few guys throwing bass-sized swimbaits for 'skies in recent years.

I know James Lindner is a big fan. Here's his rig:

Small Musky Swimbait

This segment isn't necessarily an endorsement from us on throwing downsized paddletails – we just thought it was interesting and worth the discussion.

What's your opinion on chunkin' these smaller baits for 'skies?

Ugly Muskies

Not gonna lie.... we have some EXTRA ugly ones this week 👀

This first one is an out-west ugly duckling from Ryan Elizondo, and she makes Quasimodo look like a beauty queen 😂

Ugly Tiger Muskie

Next, we have a super nasty river musky from Daniel Hunter:

"It's not dirt or leaves on it. That's all open wounds, scars, and/or sores. It was pretty nasty to handle honestly and I felt bad for the thing."


Musky with Sores

How 'bout the face on this one from Josh Scriver??

Bulgy Eyes

Pretty backdrop in this shot from Clark Bailey. The musky.... not so much!

Lost a Tail

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Sounds like Musky Innovations is releasing a Quad Dawg this winter. We don't share "teasers" very often (particularly when there's not pictures of the bait), but wanted to let ya'll know as this will likely be a VERY popular launch.

They haven't shared anything on social media yet, but here's the photo they sent out in their newsletter:

Musky Innovations Quad Dawg

#2 – Congrats to Nate Osfar (one of our PRO instructors) and his partner Kyle Kasuboski on beating 100+ boats at the Kevin Worrall Memorial Tournament last weekend. Tough tournament to win with lots of good anglers. Props!

Nate Osfar Musky

#3 – There's some really entertaining content in this video from Jay Siemens, featuring Greg Attard, Troy Mansfield and some Lac Seul musky fishin' action.

Always cool to watch when A+ cinematography teams up with the meanest freshwater fish to create some entertaining content:

Lac Seul Musky Fishing Video

#4 – Diggin' this up-close-and-personal river 'skie shot from Joe Cermele:

Fly Musky


– Northern WI musky fishing w/ Chris Willen & Todays Angler (video)

– Musky fishing w/ Rich Reinert & Smith’s Fishing (video)

– Old 2003 throwback musky chasin’ on Mille Lacs w/ Gillespie (video)

– Canadian tiger musky hunting w/ 54 or bust (video)

– Early fall musky baits w/ Matt Vavroch (video)

Muskies Inc


Check out this one from Hans the Carver. A true bruiser and absolutely gorgeous at the same time. 😍

Giant Musky

Props to Travis Clark on poppin' this big beauty after dark on "The One" bucktail:

Big Musky The One

Another nighttime 'skie – this one's from Jaime Zapatero on Lake of the Woods. Great fish man!

Night Musky Fishing

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