Pink Day Madness – PRO Re-Opening – Underwater Medley of Fish

Pink Day Madness – PRO Re-Opening – Underwater Medley of Fish

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Quick Update:

We are opening registration back up for Musky Insider PRO

(Deadline: Wednesday, June 14th at midnight)


We've had lots of great feedback from members so far, including messages like this one (we'll share more in the future):

PRO Review

The "list of guys" includes some A+ musky minds like DICK PEARSON, who's going to be presenting some stellar musky info this Thursday 🔥

Here's a quick summary of what you get by joining Musky Insider PRO:

📌 Access to our library of recorded virtual classes (& future virtual classes)

📌 24 live virtual Q&A/coaching sessions throughout the year (2 per month), featuring some of the world's top musky anglers, guides and fisheries biologists.

All live Q&A/coaching sessions will be recorded, so members can watch at their leisure if they miss the live session.

📌 Musky Insider PRO members will have access to other benefits like discount codes at major musky tackle retailers and manufacturers, and the ability to purchase exclusive custom colored musky baits.

📌 Members will also have access to the Josh Borovsky's big fish "Pink Days", so they can get their "sick days" scheduled out well in advance 😉

Registration is closing this Wednesday, June 14th at midnight.

We're not 100% certain when registration will re-open, but we FOR SURE know the price will increase next time we open the doors.

This is an enormous value if you're someone who wants to catch more muskies, bigger muskies, and save $$ on equipment.


.... or for more information, watch this video:

Musky Insider PRO

Btw, conservation is VERY important to us, so 10% of all profits from PRO go straight towards musky stocking.


This was a GOOD week to be a musky angler 🔥

Our Insider PRO members knew we had a nice run of  Pink Days  last week from Saturday to Tuesday (June 3-6th). Add some consistent weather to the equation, and we had a serious smashfest on our hands – just in time for opener in Minnesota!

Josh Borovsky ID'ed a number of waters across North America that were most likely to kick out 50+ inch fish in during this particular set of Pink Days.... and if you were paying attention to social media this week, the vast majority of those fisheries didn't disappoint!

Here's a few of our favorite pics:

The freaks come out at night.... and apparently they come in pairs! 👯‍♂️ This duo of MN giants measured a combined 108.5 inches. Ridiculous!

Huge congrats to Ben Stone & Zander Aslesen (📸: @devoted.outdoors):

Double Musky

Check out this crazy Minnetonka monster caught by Paula Solberg who hopped in the boat with Tim Barker and Shazana Hardy for a low-light musky hunt:

Minnetonka Muskie

And to prove the big flurry of giants caught this past week isn't simply a result of MN Musky Opener, here's a few outta-staters 😂

This BEAST from Jason Popp was caught on the Fox Chain in Illinois, one of the fisheries we identified in Musky Insider PRO as a likely big fish spot during this past Pink Day window.

Amazing fish and huge congrats to Jason and crew 💪

Illinois Musky

Another body of water that made the list was LSC.... where Jason Quintano and company boated this big-headed 53 inch post-spawner:

Lake St Clair muskie

Here's another super impressive 50+ incher caught by OH guide Chad Harmon:

Chad Harmon Musky

We have another 20 or so giant 'skies bookmarked to share, but honestly don't have enough room to fit 'em all in the newsletter. Big congrats to everyone who got out this past weekend and scored big!

Underwater Views

It kinda feels like we found a diamond in the rough with this video from ONTCarpn....

It has less than 300 views, but there are some really cool underwater fish views you gotta check out – here's a few of our favorite clips:

Here's a rare sight.... You don't get too many opportunities to see a musky, a chunky carp, and a smallmouth bass back-to-back-to-back in one shot:

3 Species Underwater

Here's a musky working it's way through the current to take a peak at the camera:

Musky in the Current

Here's another cool shot, with a lurking 'skie in the background, showing himself after a pair of smallies swim by:

Musky lurking in the background

Apparently the full video (7 minutes) was a compilation of just 15 minutes of total GoPro footage. Now that's a LOADED springtime spot 🔥 Also a great reminder that fish can be SUPER vulnerable in spring as they congregate and "do their deal."

More, more, MORE!

Hopefully you have a strong internet connection, because we're keeping this GIF train rolling! 😂

Hate to admit it, but traditional musky fishin' tactics get the lion's share of our attention in this newsletter. We'll getcha some more fly content this summer, but in the meantime, here's some sweet fly-only action GIFs for your viewing pleasure!

We could probably watch this one from Shoreline Anglers 100 times – lovin' the super slick back-side musky sneak attack.

Fly Fishing Musky

You can't beat the attitude from this Minnesota 'skie as it T-bones a white & orange fly, courtesy of MN guide Luke Swanson.

Fly Fishing Muskies in Minnesota

Not a musky, but this slow-mo pike strike was too saucy not to share:

Fly Fishing northern pike

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Some really cool head cam visuals in this video from NASPELTZ, but this boatside shot really takes the cake  👀

Boatside Thumbnail

#2 – Angling Revolution is running an online pop-up shop now thru June 15th if you're lookin' for some new musky-themed threads – check 'em out here:

Angling Revolution Shirts

#3 – Joe Peterson (@trueglide) made this recent batch of Mini Hustler gliders with an extra side of spicy 🔥

TruGlide Musky Lures

#4 – We love toothy headshots like this one from Matt Barbeau:

Musky Headshot


– Metro Muskie Tournament happenin’ today! (link)

– 2023 Northern WI Musky Opener w/ Todays Angler (video)

– "Mav’s Magical Muskie Tour" w/ Archer Film Co (video)

– More Iowa musky fishing w/ AA (video)

– River musky fishing in Wisconsin w/ Smith’s Fishing (video)

– Early summer musky tips w/ In-Fisherman (link)

– Musky fishing on the Chip w/ Midwest Outdoors (video)

Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


Congrats to Josh Haaf on skipping the 40-club and going straight to the 50-club!

50 inch muskie

Alex McLean didn't waste any time scratching his first 50 incher of the season off the list – this beast came on his first-ever cast with The One bucktail:

Night Musky

Stellar season-starter for Jon Bondy with this Great Lakes porker:

Bondy Musky

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