See EVERY Musky Follow? – HUGE 55.5-inch Tourney Fish – Sick Boatside Eat

See EVERY Musky Follow? – HUGE 55.5-inch Tourney Fish – Sick Boatside Eat

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Musky Frenzy

Some Tourney Bigguns

Well, the 2019 Frank Schneider Tourney is officially in the books.

Taking a quick look at the Live Leaderboard, you'll see some serious muskies hit the net this past weekend. A few things stuck out to us:

– James Hanson won it on Winnie
– A 55.5-incher was caught on Bemidji
– Only one angler in the top 14 fished Leech (9th)
– Only four 50+ inch fish (11 last year)


Special shoutout to Twin Cities Muskies Inc. for collecting photos of all the big fiddies.

First up, the star of the show – a 55.5" northern MN mega monster that chomped Aaron Peterson's Stagger 10/10 bucktail. 

Northern Minnesota Musky 55.5"

Jim Doyle (el presidente – TCMI) shows off another northern Minnesota superstar – 54 inches of extra-chunky Lake Winnie muskellunge.

BIG Muskie Fish

The last of the five-oh's:

Joe Jerhoff with a 50" (left) and Cory Gale with a 50.25" (right)

two muskies

Boatside Dussa Eat

Check out this crystal clear boatside eat from Burnin' Eights:

Figure 8 Musky Strike

Gotta love it when they're hungry and take it on the first turn. Notice how the musky immediately starts head-thrashin' before Jake even sets the hook. #savage

Seeing Every Follower?

You can't see EVERY follow with your eyes – sometimes the water's too dark, the fish is too deep, or maybe you're fishin' at night.

But muskies can't hide from Side Imaging:

Sauron Eye

Oops, wrong pic!

Fishin' from the back of the boat – where the SI transducer is mounted – you'll see your lure (and the musky) as you swing 'em past the ducer on the transom. Here's a screenshot from Doug Wegner:

Side Imaging Muskie Figure 8

You can see the fish tailing the bait for four FULL figure 8's before giving Dougie the middle fin. Fishing at night, you'd never know that fish was there.

This one followed Doug's Stagger 10/10 through seven figure 8's before she finally decided to chomp:

Doug Wegner Musky Night

Safe to say, if you're not watchin' your electronics, you're missing opportunities to put more nighttime/dark water muskies in the bag.

Big Pike Nostalgia

I know this is a MUSKY newsletter, but this In-Fish 

– Understanding turnover musky fishing (video)big pike video was too fun not to share. Lots of old school, iconic catches, as well as some more recent hawg-bellied gators:

Pike Video

Betcha can't ID the guy in the red flannel....😉

"That fish is 30 pounds if she's an ounce!"

Asked Al how long that big ole gator measured – he said 53 inches.

My reaction:



– PMTT Mega on Leech starts tomorrow (link)

– MN/WI Women’s Border Battle this weekend (link)

– Fishing water color changes w/ Bucher (video)

– Kevin Worrall Memorial tournament results (link)

– Ontario musky vlog w/ Ryan Pinkalla (video)

– Understanding turnover musky fishing (video)


(Times based on Minneapolis)

Lake Labs Lunar Chart

lake labspeterson luressupernatural big baits


Andy Osgar dedicated this 54" Minnetonka Monster to his grandpa who recently passed. Andy was throwin' a Baby Girl bucktail when a 14" bass took the bait, moments later the "predator" became the prey....

Minnetonka Musky

Luke King whacked this 53.25" West Virginia chuck wagon casting a topwater lure from shore. Best of all, she was released to swim another day!

West Virginia Muskie

Gonna be fun watchin' the muskies pork up over the next couple months. This Lac Seul leviathan is just starting to add some weight. Thanks to guide Nate Andrychuks for sharing.

Canadian Muskie Fishing

Let's wrap things up with this looooong east Canadian musky Mike Chisamore caught fishin' with Marc Thorpe#BeastFromTheEast

St. Lawrence Muskie

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