Spicy GIF Action – Sharing a Chunky Trophy – Planer Board Mods

Spicy GIF Action – Sharing a Chunky Trophy – Planer Board Mods

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Red-Hot GIF 'skies 🔥

You know what....

Let's kick this newsletter off with some spicy musky GIFs.

This first one was on a video from Phoenix Pichner, who was ice fishing for pike.

It seems like most of the incidental musky encounters through the ice include less aggressive muskies that aren't willing to go the extra mile to lunch your bait.... just like this big mama 'skie:

Nippy Fish

The next GIF is another hardwater encounter 👇

This one was posted by @backcountrybranton:

Lurking Musky

Pretty wild video!

There were some great comments on Branton's post:

"That’s cool as crap, the tax man paying a visit 🔥" - @paulmuellerfishing

"Me when someone at the table orders fries" - @elenajasper13

Okay, next up we have a sweet headshot sucker strike from Fishing_Wisconsin:

Sucker Headshot

Lets wrap this GIF-heavy segment up with a boatside strike from Brian Skaife. Gotta love those super slow-mo POV views:

Slow Motion Musky Strike

That fish was slightly more active than those two ice fishing muskies above, eh??? 😉 Gotta love when they porpoise to strike your bait!

Nighttime Board Mod

Back to the topic of night fishing....

What's your best strategy for keeping track of your planer boards when you're night trolling for 'skies?

Here's one option from Jason Kahler:

Planer Board with Glow Stick

And then there's a battery operated option from Matthew Kemeny:

Flasher for Planer Board

We've seen some guys use glow tape, too....

If you have any unique strategies for lighting up your planer board or just night fishing in general, reply to this email and send us some pics!

Let's make it two weeks in a row....

Last week we shared a cool recapture story, let's do another one this week 💪

Some of you might remember this absolutely gorgeous specimen caught by Karly Betterman during the fall of 2022:

Fall musky

She went 51.25 x 21" and fell for the ole fall sucker danglin' trick.

Karly caught this bruiser with her soon-to-be husband John Vogeler. Obviously an amazing fish and an awesome memory for both of them!

Okay, now let's fast-forward to this last fall.... John can take the story from here:

"We were coming up on a major period so we decided to go back on some structure where we saw fish earlier in the day. We were at the end of our drift when we look over the boat to find a giant musky eyeing up our sucker just inches below the water. We were about to witness a 50”+ eat boatside which is something I will never forget.

"After setting the hook as hard as I could and a hard fought battle to the boat, the musky was in the net. I quickly got it on the bump board and it tapped out to be 51.25 inches. This number instantly rang a bell in my head."

Here's a picture of big fall 'skie:

Big Muskie

Later that night, John compared the photos and figured out that he and his wife did, in fact, catch the SAME trophy musky!

And now they have a replica on the wall of their most memorable musky (so far!):

Fish Replica

(Mount was done by Artistic Anglers out of Duluth)

Love it!

Catch-and-release + Proper handling = More awesome musky memories 🔥

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Gotta start this mashup with a stellar snubber sent in by Jim:

Snub Musky

#2 – Peep these spicy-lookin' Sky-Candy Chatterbaits over at the Ezoko store:

Sky-Candy Chatterbait

#3 – Cool lifting-outta-the-net shot from the Taps & Tackle crew. Also digging that custom RS net in the background 👀

Musky Net

#4 – Okay, meme time.

New Boat


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Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


This plus-sized 52.5 inch Tonka truck couldn't resist the 12 inch Mattlock. Thanks to Minnesota Outdoor Adventures for sharing 👍

Night musky

Huge congrats to Zach Netten on breaking his PB with this big 50-inch gal!

Nice Fish

Love this shot that was sent in by Mike this summer: "Brecken Lee got her first figure 8 musky on the 4th of July and the people on shore celebrated!"

Firework Musky

Wanna be featured in Musky Insider? Send in your recent trophy musky photos by replying to this email. You might just see your pic in next week's newsletter. 🤙

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