Stuff Musky Anglers Do – Bucktail Building Tips – Aggressive Strike GIF

Stuff Musky Anglers Do – Bucktail Building Tips – Aggressive Strike GIF

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Musky Anglers Only


Cool idea from Keyes Outdoors....

They asked their FB followers: "Tell me you’re a musky angler without telling me you’re a musky angler. Post your photo/comment below for a chance to win a free KO shirt...."

Lots of GREAT responses, here's a few of our favorites:

#1 – Bass guys like to show off their "bass thumb".

All we can say is "that's cute!"

This shot from Anthony Ashby is the aftermath of dealing with a TRUE predator:

Bloody Hand

#2 – This shot from Kyle Tokarski couldn't be more accurate....

Empty Wallet

(More from Kyle later in this newsletter....)

#3 – If you're still tryin' to figure out what's happening in this Thatcher Haggberg photo, then you've probably never done the late, LATE fall musky deal when all the bass/walleye guys have put their boats in storage for the season.

Frozen Net

(Speaking of late fall, don't forget to check out our Late Fall Musky Tactics class with Josh Borovsky & Steve Herbeck. It's LOADED with can't-miss info that will help you find & catch 'skies from turnover until the end of the season.)

#4 – If you've ever dumped a BIG musky, you can probably relate to the emotions in this pic from Mike Conklyn:

Lost a Musky

Bucktail Building

Was just watchin' a video from Pete Maina showin' how to construct a homemade bucktail – here it is:

How to build a bucktail

A few notes:

#1 – It was pretty entertaining watchin' Pete grab the building materials that were laying around his garage. He keeps some .051" wire just sitting on top of his refrigerator, right next to a pile of used egg cartons. 😂

#2 – He added a Livingston Sound Bullet near the hook of the bucktail. Have any of you tried that before to see if it makes a difference?

#3 – Gotta love Pistol Pete's workbench, definitely looks like a dude who keeps himself busy with different projects:

Pete Maina's Work Bench


Savage Strike

I literally have ZERO backstory on this video, but how crazy is this strike:

Big Pike Slow Motion Striking

It says on TikTok it's a musky eating a pike, but it looks more like some pike-on-pike action to me.

Super cool regardless!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Love this musky-themed meme 😂

Musky Meme

#2 – REALLY diggin' the "dipped" blades on this Double Cowgirl in Black Lightning, which is a custom Thorne Bros color.

Musky Mayhem Cowgirl

#3 – With NHL season just startin' back up and the peak fall musky bite approaching, this sticker from Kodiak Krate seems seasonally appropriate.

Musky Hockey Sticker

#4 – Not sure how this GIF relates to musky fishin', but 1.) that lady is super CRAZY for shoving a bear and 2.) I could see some musky-heads doing this if a bear was trying to steal suckers outta their tank 😂

Lady Pushing Bear


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– Power Pole's new trollin' motor flying down the road? (video)

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Musky Mayhem TackleAgency Bay Lodge


Wow, congrats to Scotty Ellis on crackin' his new PB musky with this 55.5-inch green-headed beast from Georgian Bay.

55.5 incher on Georgian Bay

Props to Kyle "always on em" Tokarski on putting his 13 year old client, Logan on this beautiful double-nickel! #casting

Green Bay Monster Musky

Lovin' this release shot from Cole Lauzon and his girlfriend Shaelynne. They caught this beauty on a Pink Day, too! 👀

Lake St Clair Musky

Huge congrats to 12 year old Julian Peterson on catching this beautiful fish, sucker fishin' from shore on the Wisconsin River with Elijah Keller (pictured) and his father, Seth Helberg (📸).

Shore Fishing Musky

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