Sweet Video of a Giant – Dreaming of Muskies – Boatside Strike

Sweet Video of a Giant – Dreaming of Muskies – Boatside Strike

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Taps & Tackle

Big 'skie Clips

Remember this super impressive 53 x 24" Minnesota monster from Thomas Lyon we shared a couple years back??

Nice mUskies

Well, the fish-catch video just dropped on YouTube this week with some awesome GIF-able moments – first, the big gal hitting the net:

Musky HItting the Net

And here's the sucker-eater heading back to the resource 🔥

Musky Release

Love to see it!

Wanted to highlight this video because the Lyon crew just dumped a ton of footage on their YT channel "jlyonfishingteam" – just raw, unedited musky content. Some of it might be worth watching this winter while you're daydreaming about soft water and musky fishing 🙄

Sticking with the "dreaming" topic....

Dreaming About Muskies

While the southern musky contingent is catching 'skies left-and-right, the northern guys are stuck inside fantasizing about their next musky trip....in SIX MONTHS. 😬

It's a long off-season....

Muskie Memes

The waiting game can really get to your head.

Sure, you caught a bunch of muskies this year, but all you can think about during pillow time is the ONE time this happened:

The one that got away

(clip via TNA Tackle)

Hopefully your nightmares aren't this terrifying....

Boatside BOOM

Thanks for Cole Lauzon for sending in one of the better boatside strikes (caught on camera) from the 2022 musky season.

Check out the GIF version:

Boatside Musky Strike

She was angry!

Here's the airborne leap just a few moments later:

Jumping Musky

Gotta love the boatside footage on crystal clear bodies of water like Lake St. Clair. And the big, white Medussa sticks out like a soar thumb:

white medussa

Whether it's a Dawg, a Dussa, a Whaletail or whatever other rubber bait you prefer, white will always be a mainstay for fall fishing 💪

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Thorne Bros just launched a new lineup of rods: the Stealth Musky Rods

The video below has some great info from Luke Ronnestrand breaking down when & where he likes to use each of the lengths/powers. If you're interested you can come back and pick up some rods by clicking this link.

New THorne Bros Stealth Rods

#2 – Really cool sketches from the crew over at Esox Addicts:

Esox Sketches

#3 – Diggin' this logo design from Garth Vader Fly Co. (sweet name, too 🔥)

Sweet Logo


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Gorgeous, clean pork nanny from Timmon Lund, fishin' with Josh Borovsky in northern Minnesota.

Chunky Musky

Congrats to Carson Tembrock on poppin' this impressive river musky rippin' a Double Dawg fishin' with David Holmes:

Fall Fishing

Let 'em go, let 'em grow! Great release shot from Camden Droppo fall musky chasin' in the Twin Cities Metro area:

Water Release Musky

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