Ugly proof that C&R works – Sick Boatside Strikes – SI schools

Ugly proof that C&R works – Sick Boatside Strikes – SI schools

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Taps & Tackle

Ugly Shrinker

Here's an interesting one sent in by Chad Harmon who guides muskies in Ohio.

(You might remember Chad from a newsletter earlier this year where he shared some great musky trollin' tips 🔥)

Anyway, check out this extra-ugly duckling his clients and buddies have caught four times over the past three years:

Ugly Musky

And here's the other three pics:

Bumpy Musky

Here's a few more interesting deets from Chad:

"The first three times it was caught, it was within a 100 yard area. The last time just recently, it was almost a mile south down the lake.

"The fish is actually shrinking with age, believe it or not, from 43'' to 39'' within 3 years. Each time caught slowly declining in length. Our Ohio fish biologist didn’t have an explanation for the shrinking size but agrees it’s the same fish.

"I’m just happy to see our catch-and-release techniques are working so well."

The location deal isn't very surprising, but the fact the fish is actually shrinking is super fascinating. Makes ya wonder if it's a result of the injury in any way 🤷‍♂️

Btw, Chad is no stranger to "ugly" muskies. It took me about 30 seconds on his FB page to find this snarling 'skie his client caught on a Llungen LT-9:

Another Ugly Musky

Underwater Smash

Check out this sick underwater trollin' strikes sent in by Sam Soderman:

Underwater Musky STrike

And here's a shot of the big musky in the boat:

Big Musky

Now that's a hawg! She was 51 inches long and Sam's new PB – congrats dude!

It's tough to see in the GIF above, but she fell for a 10-inch Jake with a red head and purple body. Couldn't find the color anywhere online, so probably custom.

Sweet fish, thanks for sending, Sam! 🔥

Side Imaging Scenes

With all the buzz around forward facing sonar, Side Imaging is still a crazy important tool for catching 'skies. Here's a few sweet screenshots (flipped sideways so they fit better in the newsletter):

First, check out this one from Shawn Reding:


Really cool shot, but unfortunately, Shawn couldn't get any bites. It's always the worst when the 'skies have lock-jaw on tournament day!

Next, we've got a nice, clean solo mark from Robert Viau. This one DID bite, but of course it was only 38 inches #GoFigure

Nice SI Mark

Last, we have a REALLY cool screenshot from Brad Hoppe. This isn't a wolfpack, but one lazy-following fish. Brad never physically saw the fish in the water, but kept the figure-8 going after seeing her follow on SI.

Lazy Follow Musky

Kind of a brain-bender if you aren't an SI veteran.... The black marks are musky shadows, and the white lines are the musky following the lure by the boat. The small white speck in the water column is the lure itself.

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Lakes are locking up all over the north country. This meme goes out to all the musky-heads who stick it out to the end! 😉


Nothing wrong with draggin' suckers, but casting big rubber baits in late fall can be super brutal.... so the casters get the memes. 😂 

#2 – Speaking of fall casting, this video from John Bette (Stealth Tackle's leader guru) has some great tips/pointers for rigging up with the optimal terminal tackle for slinging big baits this time of year:

Fall Musky Casting

#3 – Awesome shot from the First WI Muskies Inc. Chapter – the next generation of musky anglers stocking the next generation of muskies into their local lakes.

Musky Stocking

#4 – Super sweet strike from Musky Fever in Pennsylvania on a Red October tube:

Tube STrike


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Awesome after-hours fall porker from Micah Drew 💪

Night Muskie

Check out this absolutely gorgeous nighttime cruise missile Shawn McLaughlin caught jiggin' a Bondy:

Big Musky

Congrats to Hannah Hart on boating this pudgy Wisconsin greenie with guide Michael Hanson – her first and definitely not her last!

Cute Girl with Musky

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