Well-Executed Fishing Prank – 3 Hour Lurker – Abominable Esox

Well-Executed Fishing Prank – 3 Hour Lurker – Abominable Esox

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Exposing the Lurkers

It wasn't too long ago when anglers could only see right below their boats....

Nowadays, the new tech lets you see any which way you choose, which can be both awesome and frustrating at the same time 😂

Example: WI guide Michael Hanson sent us this sweet Livescope clip of a curious musky inspecting a bait:

Musky on Livescope

The live viewing stuff is awesome because you get to see exactly where they are and what they are doing. It's frustrating because more often than not, you get to watch them NOT bite your bait.

Not only didn't this big red blob lunch their offering, but she had the audacity to hang around for almost 3 hours! #level10lurker

Now that's frustrating! 🤬

Another cool thing about live is you get to see the exact size of the specimen you're dealing with (assuming they line-up properly with the transducer):

Fish Length on Livescope

Trollin' Bucktail Tips

Bucktail trollin' is an underrated tactic.... It straight-up catches muskies, but it also comes with some challenges:

#1 – You'll collect debris on your lure as you troll.

#2 – Your line will twist-up like crazy.

This video from John Bette at Stealth Tackle addresses both of those concerns with some simple terminal tackle quick-fixes:

Bucktail Trolling Tips

John definitely gets bonus points for simplicity! 👍

And if you want to know the EXACT components John uses, you can check the following links: Swivels – Split Rings – Trolling Keel Weights

Thanks for the info, John!

He's Got Jokes

When it comes to fishin' pranks, it's tough to beat the tap-the-rod-butt trick.

.... and Brian Skaife (Angling Anarchy) played it perfectly here:

Fishing Prank

Seems like most of the best fishin' pranks happen when your buddy is asleep.... tying their shoelaces together, pretending you're hooked up, etc.

Send us a few of your favorite prank ideas and if we get enough good ones, we'll share 'em in a future newsletter!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Speaking of pranks....

Fishing Prank

#2 – Lovin' this gorgeous green headshot from @mnflytoolco.

Musky Head Shot

#3 – Not sure if this wild lookin' Esox from @drlimestone is the product of the zombie apocalypse or a not-so-distant cousin of the Abominable Snowman. 😉 #AbominableEsoxApocalypse

Winter River Fly Fishing

#4 – Incredible musky-themed piece from angler/artist Garrison Doctor 😍 Looks like the original is still for sale on his site. 👀

Fishing Artwork


– Flowage adventure part 2 w/ Keyes Outdoors (video)

– Minnesota musky catchin’ w/ Doug Wegner (video)

– Our favorite Musky Mayhem pro-staff profile so far, Mika Hoppe (video)

– Northwoods musky fishing w/ Fishcamp (video)

– Big topwater musky w/ Joe Bucher (video)

– Suick Lure Co. in the local news (video)

– WI DNR angler recruitment grants (link)

Musky Mayhem TackleStealth Tackle


These old throwback photos are always awesome – this one was shared by Kevin Cochran featuring Josh Karch hoisting a turn-of-the-century 54 incher.

A lot has changed since the Minnesota Heyday, but there are still monsters out there if you're willing to put in the work to find/catch 'em!

Throwback Musky Fishing Photo

This big hardwater 'skie has been eatin' good in the neighborhood!

Christopher Kneiser was forced to hand-land her after the line snapped on his buddy Tyler Wickstrom's walleye rod. #GetTheNet!😉

Musky Ice Fishing

Who has the better "markings", the tiger musky or Justin Richter's sleeve??

Also, anyone else miss t-shirt weather?? 🙋‍♂️

Musky Water Release Photo

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