Location of next world record? – What are Big Fish ''Pink Days'' – Lac Seul Show

Location of next world record? – What are Big Fish ''Pink Days'' – Lac Seul Show

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MN Musky Expo 2020

The Next World Record Musky?

hayward musky

Where is the next world record (70-ish lb) musky kickin' it's tail?

There was a recent discussion on the Ugly Pike Podcast featuring guys like Mike Lazarus, Jim Saric, John Anderson, and a few others, contemplating this exact question.

You might be surprised to find out that while the St. Lawrence River was in the discussion, most of the panel chose Georgian Bay, AKA the "sixth Great Lake".

Georgian Bay

Feels like Mike Lazarus has caught just about every musky in the St. Lawrence River, but his vote went to the bay:

"I don’t believe in the whole 70 pounder theory, but [Georgian Bay] is probably your best shot at coming into contact with a fish that’s never been caught before."

Jim Saric has fished all over the country, and he also thinks she's swimmin' in Georgian Bay. That said, he doubts anyone will ever catch it – simply because there aren't enough folks out there targeting muskies on that massive body of water.

Leave it to John Anderson to bring science into the discussion. 👍

He referenced the work of John Casselman which says "the fastest growing strain of musky in the world with the biggest growth potential live in the St. Lawrence River in the Kingston area" – the post-VHS fish that were left over.

It was a fascinating discussion, that's for sure.

The best quote of the podcast goes to Mike Lazarus talkin' bout guiding:

"I'm confident in the way I fish. I'm confident in the waters I fish. I'm not comparing myself to a surgeon, but you better hope the guy who's taking out your teeth took out teeth yesterday."

Gotta love it 😂

Angling Edge on Lac Seul

Check out this ridiculous slo-mo shot from a recent Angling Edge show:

musky thrashing

The LAE crew doesn't kick out too many musky shows, so it's always a treat when they hit the air. Props to Jeremy Smith on bustin' this beauty at last light to wrap up a great episode on Lac Seul:

Angling Edge Muskies Lac Seul Video

Best BIG FISH Days

When's the best time to go musky fishing?

The real answer: Whenever you can get out!

That said – if you're plannin' ahead, possibly paying money to stay at a fancy musky lodge or hiring a guide, you wanna pick the best dates possible.

Some days are simply better than others (especially for big fish activity), just ask MN guide Josh Borovsky. He's put together an interesting system for identifying those exact dates, and he calls 'em "Pink Days" – here's a little backstory:

"The first time I figured all this stuff out 20 years ago, I happened to have a pink highlighter in my hand and highlighted the “special” big fish days in pink. I supposed they could have just easily been a yellow or blue day. But that’s what I had and the name stuck.”

Pink Sharpie

So, what is a Pink Day....

“They are special days when a number of phenomenon overlap or coincide with each other during a specific time window. For 13 of the last 17 years, the biggest fish in my boat has been caught on one of these days. Honestly, the number could be higher and almost perfect, but we just lost them those years and they didn’t make it into the net.

"While the moon phase is part of it. It also has a lot to do with the distance of the moon from earth which is something that varies a lot more than most people realize due to the elliptical orbit (not a perfect circle) of the moon around earth. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the moon looks giant in the sky and other times it looks tiny? That’s because the change in its distance is so significant, you can see it with your eyes.

Lunar Orbit Moon

"It's amazing to me how much big fish action takes place during a relatively small amount of days each season. Some months may have zero pink days, while others could have as many as seven.

"The 2020 musky season has quite a few. There are about 30 pink days, give or take, depending on when your musky season opens and closes. In MN, we are looking at 30 but there are six in November that we could be robbed of if the lakes freeze up early."

Hate to be a tease, but Josh isn't planning on spilling the beans on the EXACT dates until his seminar at the MN Muskie Expo in March.

In the meantime, make sure November is wide open on your calendar and keep your prayin' hands strong!


Non-Musky Shhtuff

As you know, we like to stick to 'skies in this newsletter, but there's been an influx of interesting non-musky stuff that's been on our radar the last couple weeks that we think you'd enjoy.

Don't worry, we won't make this a habit!


1. Are you watchin' 39 Hours?

Aaron Wiebe and company are at it again, chasing down as many species of fish as possible in 39 hours. Extremely entertaining and some of the best fishin' stuff on YouTube right now.

Make sure to start with episode #1.

Spoiler alert: No muskies....yet!


2. What about AnglingBuzz ICE?

Something for all you ice-heads – educational, good fish action and pretty dang fun to watch....for an ice fishing show 😉

They've got a good lineup of shows out:

    1. Winter is Coming
    2. Spoon Fishing Strategies
    3. Ice Fishing Panfish
    4. Midwinter Ice Fishing Tactics


3. Sound devices getting more popular?

Look what happens when Pete Maina drops an "Ice Caller" down the hole:


Seems like the crap-a-dees react to it. Bass guys have been using the HydroWave for years.

Is it possible this kinda stuff could help you catch more muskies? Why not 🤷‍♂️


– PMTT Cave Run with Keyes Outdoors (video)

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– Replacing heat shrink tubing on a tail bait (video)

– Big fatty on Eagle Lake with MWO (video)

– Virginia fly fishin’ river musky (video)


(Times based on Minneapolis) 

lunar calendar

lake labsmusky frenzyStealth Tackle


When you're talkin' West Virginia muskies, ones like this portly 50.25-incher from Jason Jackson is a TRUE monster.

West virginia musky

This finned flytrap couldn't resist a little fly fishin' action from Tennessee musky guide Jimmy Dobes#Tenneski

Fly fishing musky

Jeff Widmann cracked this northern Wisconsin bronze beauty fishin' a 10" Weighted Suick (copper carp) with his daughter and Steve Genson. They got it all on video, too!

WI Musky Fishing

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