Success leaves clues, and Musky Insider PRO taps into some the top musky minds on the planet.
Whether you're trying to catch more muskies, bigger muskies, or save $$ on equipment, we have you covered with the following benefits....

📌 Access to our library of recorded virtual classes (& future virtual classes)


📌 24 live virtual Q&A/coaching sessions throughout the year, featuring some of the world's top musky anglers, guides and fisheries biologists.

Here's an up-to-date list of our teachers past, present and future that you will have access to with this membership. Plus more to come!
All live Q&A/coaching sessions will be recorded, so members can watch at their leisure if they miss the live session.
📌 Musky Insider PRO members will have access to other benefits like discount codes at major musky tackle retailers and manufacturers, and the ability to purchase exclusive custom colored musky baits.
📌 Members will also have access to the Josh Borovsky's big fish "Pink Days", so they can get their "sick days" scheduled out well in advance 😉
That's a quick summary of the member benefits.... at least the ones we can talk about right now. We reserve the right to add some extra goodies to the list as the year goes on. And we've always been of the opinion that you should under-promise and over-deliver.


You can join Musky Insider PRO right now for $139/year. That comes out to less than $12 per month for some of the best, most current musky info out there. Get in before the we close up the doors again!