“Catch More & Bigger Muskies....from your Couch!” (April 29th)

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Learn how to stack the deck for musky success before you even launch your boat. This live virtual masterclass with Josh Borovsky is happening April 29th at 7:00PM.

Josh will be doing an in-depth breakdown of the following topics:

  • Identifying Big Fish days using Josh’s “pink day” moon cycle formula based on moon distance and phase
  • Key dates and times to target for specific waters for numbers or size using research and analytics
  • Peak years for big tigers on stocked tiger waters
  • Peak years of fishing on stocked pure strain musky waters.
  • Bonus: A sneak-peak into researching and identifying your next Lake X


We anticipate that this class will run for at least two hours, but don't be surprised if it goes longer – Josh loves to talk muskies and there's a ton of information to share!

We are limiting the class size to ensure the best experience for each individual attendee.

10% of the profits from this class will go towards stocking more muskies.