“Closing the Deal” Figure-8 Wizardry

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Learn how to significantly up your chances of closing the deal at boatside during this virtual masterclass with Josh Borovsky.

Triggering following fish may very well be the single most important skill the majority of musky anglers can improve upon to dramatically improve their catch rate. Most year’s 50-60 percent of Josh’s fish are caught in the figure eight. That means your technique can increase your catch rate by 50-60% or decrease it by 50-60%. Which one do you want to be?

Many experienced and expert level anglers are able to understand and perform some advanced level figure-8 concepts and tactics. However, some of the foundational principles and mechanics just aren’t nearly where they could be.

Sometimes they still catch the fish . . . And therein lies the problem. Everyone thinks that because they caught the fish, they are doing it right! When the reality is, that particular fish was aggressive enough to eat despite the mistakes. Or that fish was patient and cooperative enough to hang around long enough for you to clean up your act and fix or recover from your mistakes.

Not all fish are that aggressive, patient, or cooperative. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t catchable. You just have to up your game.

Check your ego at the door and take an in depth look at triggering fish boatside with me. This is more than a “I like to figure-8 like this” program. I will explain the “why” of all these techniques explaining why certain maneuvers and techniques at critical times are best practice versus all others and the pitfalls of the “others” in specific situations.


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Class Length: 2 hours 8 minutes

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