Finding & Catching More Muskies on New Water (April 28th)

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Learn how to find & catch muskies on NEW WATER with guide & educator Josh Borovsky.

This is a LIVE, VIRTUAL class on April 28th, 7:00pm CST.

While some of our past classes have focused on researching and discovering new musky fisheries, this class will focus on what to do once you have selected your new body of water and are planning your first trip.

Josh will cover pre-trip planning for success, but the primary focus of the class will be on what to do once you arrive on a new water. He will break down the best approaches to take based on your goals and amount of time you have to work with.

Not only is this information invaluable when you're exploring new waters, but it can also give you a playbook for finding more fish on your favorite musky lake.


After purchasing this class, you will receive more info via email once we get closer to the day of the class (April 28th).

These classes are LIVE and interactive, so class size will be limited to ensure the best experience for all attendees.

10% of the profits from this class will go towards stocking more muskies.