Musky Jumps in Boat – Really Cool 'skie Art – Chunky Fish

Musky Jumps in Boat – Really Cool 'skie Art – Chunky Fish

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Taps & Tackle

You know it's a good day....

....when muskies are literally jumping into the boat.

Check out this clip we found while scrollin' the internet as we do:

Musky Jumping

No net man required for this frisky high-flyer.

Almost reminds me of the boatside action you get from these Florida behemoths....almost. This action shot from tarpon guide Capt. Dave Nelson is straight-up RIDONKULOUS!

Tarpon Jumping

Gotta think this would be like hookin' up to a 125lb musky with an extra, extra spicy attitude. #tarponinsider

Musky Art

This is one of our favorite segments. It's always cool seeing what unique artwork our musky-obsessed compadres come up with. 🎨

First, we have a really sweet acrylic painting from Charles Weiss, inspired by his summer musky chasin' adventures on Eagle Lake in Ontario:

Muskie Painting

Next, we have a framed musky from @creeknut made outta craft brew labels:

Micro Brew Muskie

This was Brian H.'s first crack at stained glass artwork, so naturally, he decided to make a musky:

Stain Glass Musky

Brian Dinter gets some serious bonus points for creativity with this one:

Scary Musky

Newsletter Followups

For those of you who follow along with the newsletter every week, we have a few followups from our readers you might enjoy:

A couple weeks back, we showcased some seriously giant walleyes (31 and 29 inches) caught by Toby Kvalevog and Chris Whitney on Leech Lake throwing a 10-inch Posseidon for 'skies:

Big Walleye on Musky Lure

The next day, Larry Michael replied to the email with this message:

"NO WAY!!! Here's a photo of me fishing muskie with an identical 10 inch Posseidon, catching a 29 inch walleye on Vermilion. WTH (true story!)"

And here's the photos:

Swimbait Walleye

What are the chances??? 🤯  Thanks for sharing Larry!

Another follow up....

We had a bunch of folks send in pictures of their Iowa bruisers after we talked Iowa musky chasin' in last week's newsletter. Thought we'd share a couple here:

Check out this impressive prespawn fatty from Ryan Wilcke:

Fat Iowa Musky

Bryan (BZ) Zehrt caught this beauty solo fishin' for Hawkeye State 'skies. This was one of two fish he caught during a 30 minute bite window 🔥

Iowa Muskie Fishing

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Really enjoyed this short battle scene of Musky Fever landing a plus-sized 'skie with a tense solo net job:

Musky Fishing Scoop

#2 – Check out the "colors" on this HD 'skie from Tim Lautenslager. Thanks to Bob Parteka for sharing 👍

Amazing Colors

#3 – Diggin' this "Arctic Crappie" paint job from Zach Mundzic:

Muskie Lure Paint

#4 – Really cool underwater release shot from Mitch Campbell. The photo almost has that old school film style look:

underwater muskie


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– December musky fishing in Ohio w/ Mayhem’s 10k casts (video)

– Ep. 4 of 4 of musky fishing in MN w/ Smith’s Fishing (video)

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– Shore fishing Appalachian wilderness for muskies (video)

Muskies Inc


Props to Maciek Otfinowski on poppin' this springtime porker fishin' from shore:

Shore Fishing for Muskies

Lovin' this shot from Tim Bossert. He caught this barred beauty on a Rapala Super Shad casting a weed line with is son. 🇺🇸

Barred Beauty

Danny Lowe is makin' us miss summer musky fishing, posting throwback photos like this one from Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Muskie

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