PRO Re-Opens – Eating Muskies is Bad For You (Science) – Musky Sayings

PRO Re-Opens – Eating Muskies is Bad For You (Science) – Musky Sayings

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Insider PRO is back open!

The doors are re-opening for Musky Insider PRO 👍

We've received several requests from our readers to open registrations before the holidays, so here ya go!


We've had a number of excellent instructors this season – most recently Jason Quintano and Kevin Cochran – and we're excited to keep the hardcore info rolling this winter.

Whether you're lookin' at a PRO membership for yourself or that musky-head in your life – you can click here for more information 👈


Here's a spicy serving of musky GIFs to get you through the long weekend!

This first GIF (via Doug Wegner) is kinda like that scene from Stand by Me, except it's muskies instead of people and a 21-inch burbot instead of pies!

Burbot in a Musky

Muskies are apex predators, plain and simple.

Doesn't matter if it's munchin' big burbot in the lake ☝️ or ambushing a tasty minnow in the tank (via Josh Nelson) 👇

Hungry Tank Musky

REALLY cool boatside strike footage from Nick Eddy on his new IC7 bucktail:

Figure 8 Bucktail

Not a musky, but check out this wild pike-on-pike violence 👀

Pike on Pike

Don't Eat 'skies

I know we're preachin' to the choir here, but you probably shouldn't eat muskies....

Of course, we've discussed the benefits of catch-and-release, let 'em go let 'em grow, etc. but now the science-y folks are even saying you should steer clear.

It's science

Here's what they had to say:

"Muskellunge tissue samples (N=96) were collected from impoundments (N=2) and natural lakes (N=3). The maximum mercury concentration was 3.049 mg/kg.

"Muskellunge are regulated with a 1016 mm (40 inch) minimum length limit in Iowa and the mean mercury concentration for fish >1016 mm was 0.853 mg/kg.

"Therefore, Muskellunge were identified as the only species with a do-not-eat advisory (i.e., mercury concentration ≥1.0 mg/kg) for the ARP."

This isn't news to some folks, but for everyone else.... now ya know!

But what happens if you consume too much mercury? Here's what we found via Rhode Island Dept. of Health:

"Mercury can harm brain development at relatively low levels and can be toxic to adults at high levels. Mercury is found in nearly all fish and is the biggest concern for eating fish."

It all makes sense now.... 😉

Tell us you're a musky angler

....without telling us you're a musky angler!

In other words, what's something you could say that ONLY musky anglers would understand?

Kind of fun to think about, given how incredibly unique musky fishing is....

Musky guy

@muskyfool asked the question on his IG page, which lead to some A+ replies:

"Fished dawn to dusk, caught nothing but had two follows. It was a good day!"
– @caster170

"I’ve never dreamed about something so much that I’ve never even touched..." – @kaptainkyle11

"Haven’t seen a fish in a week, so they’re probably gonna snap tomorrow, wanna go out at midnight to catch moonset?" – @rowan_stamm

"Just learning a new stretch of river, not really worryin' about catchin anything today" – @jiggedupunlimited

You know your a musky-head when you hit the water not planning on catching anything!

Definitely can't imagine a bass/walleye dude saying any of those things.... 😂

Yoda Meme

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Really cool shot of a .50 Cal crankbait hangin' outta the corner of a big musky's toothy mouth:

Llungen Crankbait

#2 – We just went three-straight weeks talkin' about forward facing sonar, so I figured I'd drop this photo of KGP Fishing's setup here.... just to stir the pot 😉

Fishing Electronics

#3 – Check out the eyeball on this 'skie from Maciek Otfinowski:

Wild Eyed Musky

#4 – No, that's not a two-headed musky 😂 It's just a couple nice muskies from Pete Maina and company! #doubletrouble

Two headed musky


– Luke Ronnestrand musky fishing on Vermilion (video)

– 50 incher caught w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Suckerfest musky tournament w/ AA (video)

– Early season musky fishing w/ Devoted Outdoors (video)

– Jerkbaits & sucker fishing w/ Smith’s Fishing (video)

– Metro musky fishing w/ Ben Stone (video)

Taps & TackleMuskies Inc


Excellent after-hours bronze musky from Christina Truppe – now that's a Northwoods brute!

Night musky

Sweet plus-sized fall pot-belly 'skie from John Vogeler. Keep on hammering them, man!

Fat Musky

Congrats to Dave Brown on poppin' this big bodied beauty – sounds like they were rollin' cameras when this big gal decided to made her entrance  👀

Low Light Musky

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