Sonar War is Escalating MORE – Eagle Eats a Musky – Sick Drone Musky Catch

Sonar War is Escalating MORE – Eagle Eats a Musky – Sick Drone Musky Catch

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Taps & Tackle

Sonar Wars Pt. 3

Looks like we need to talk about live sonar again.... for the third week in a row.

Last week, it was Humminbird's new TargetLock. The week before, it was the big PMTT tourney in Wisconsin.

This week, it's Garmin's new $3,000 Livescope XR transducer – here's their intro video:

Livescope XR

The "XR" stands for "Extended Range".

It's claiming a FIVE HUNDRED foot range in freshwater (350' in salt). Those are some insane specs....


It's pricey, but you know there will be plenty of folks willing to fork out the $$ to maximize their musky scopin' game....

Will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but regardless, this is the way things are moving now – for better or worse!

Drone 'Skie

We don't see many musky strikes/catches on a drone, so had to give John Vogeler some props here in the newsletter.

Check out this SWEET birds-eye-view of a hyped-up musky just a few moments before hitting the net:

Musky Drone Fight

Cool thing about the drone shot is you get to see the entire scene.

If you watch the full video, you can see John hoppin' rubber over a weed flat and the strike happens right at the bottom of the screen as the bait starts to fall.

Awesome sequence 👍

Only Musky-Heads Understand....

Really enjoyed this thread in the MFT&T group....

Jason Smith asked:

Finish this sentence!
Only a Musky Fisherman will _______ .

Here's a few of our favorite responses:

Ryan: "Plan vacation days around moon phases."

Only musky anglers and werwolves.... 😂

Jeff: "Spend 10's of thousands of dollars, 10's of thousands of hours on a picture of a fish and let it go."

Jake: "Think it’s fun being on a lake in a boat on a windy snowy day in November."

Brad: "Shovel snow out of the boat."

Gotta add.... spending an hour shoveling a boat ramp and 100% ignoring your own driveway. 😅

Jon: "Abuse himself 12 hours straight casting lures the size of small animals at the hopes of seeing one fish."

We're a weird breed, that's for sure!

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Logan Kasola sent us these photos of his "Lure Cave" with this message:

"Most of my friends and family think I’m nuts lol, so I thought I would share with a platform where I know everyone else would understand."

Wait.... so you're telling me most people don't have 50+ Bull Dawgs hangin' on pegboard in their house?? 😉 Love it dude!

Lure Cave

#2 – Some pretty wild footage from Jim Anger of an eagle "harvesting" a musky on Deer Lake in Minnesota:

Eagle Eats a Musky

#3 – Not gonna lie, this is the best part.... Great clip from Justin Peterson:

Musky Release

#4 – Cool seeing these old school pics from back in the day. This one's from Leech Lake in 1982 – here's the newspaper caption:

"Ted Burger, Minneapolis, recently caught this 40-13 muskie in Leech Lake. It is the largest muskie landed in Minnesota so far this fishing season. The fish measured 53-1/2 inches long and a 23-inch girth. He used a Burger Bros. Bucktail for bait."

The Burger Brothers were a big deal back in the 70's, 80's, etc.

Old Musky Photo News Clipping

Different times, different standards. We're glad the musky community has fully embraced C&R over the past few decades.


– Minnesota musky fishing w/ Doug Wegner (video)

– Understanding prop blades & pitches w/ Next Bite (video)

– Topwater musky fishing w/ Todays Angler (video)

– Late light muskies w/ Steve Heiting (video)

– New moon 6 fish day w/ Cast & Conquer (video)

– "Tobacco Cabbage Musky" w/ Joe Bucher (video)

Agency Bay Lodge BannerMusky Innovations BannerStealth


Absolutely gorgeous 53-inch Lake of the Woods beast from Jon Beardsley:

Lake of the Woods Muskie

Check out the head on this ridiculously impressive Minnetonka 'skie Matt Johnson caught targetin' bass with a frog. #PinkDayFish

Minnetonka Musky

Look at the beautiful golden colors on this nice musky sent in by Larry Ramsell 🔥

Golden Esox

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