Weirdest Musky Growth Ever? – Musky-Themed Christmas – Big Coldwater Bruisers

Weirdest Musky Growth Ever? – Musky-Themed Christmas – Big Coldwater Bruisers

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Taps & Tackle

Crankback Musky

Not gonna lie, this might be the weirdest musky injury we've seen yet....

Take a look:

Crankbait sticking out of musky side

This pic was sent in by Jimi Luketic – here's what he had to say about it:

"I caught this musky that must have swallowed a crankbait, and now the crankbait is growing out it's side!

"It was a very healthy fish. Struck my glide with great force and swam away fiercely!"

Apparently this musky has an affinity for hard baits....

Such a wild & unique injury. If someone recaptures this fish again, PLEASE send us a picture! Sure, you can ID a fish by it's markings or other features, but a chartreuse crankbait poking out of it's side is a dead giveaway.... 😅

Musky Spirit!

December is a time to get festive.... but of course, musky anglers have to do it a little differently than everyone else!

Here's a couple cool musky-themed Christmas-y shots we ran into this week:

First, we have a crazy snow'skie from Charles Weiss:

Musky Snowman

Chuck is an excellent artist who does a lot of neat musky art. Turns out "snow" is one of his many mediums! Having this sculpture in your driveway almost makes you hope the snow sticks around for a long time.... almost!

Next up, we have some tasty lookin' musky bait Christmas cookies courtesy of Mark Koopman in Ontario:

Musky Christmas Cookies

Last, but definitely not least, how cool are these yard lights from Nate Bud??

Musky Christmas Lights

I officially NEED these lights in my yard.... 🔥🔥

(Send us any musky/holiday themed stuff you have cooked up this year!)

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Check Rod Guides

There’s nothing worse than casting your favorite, expensive, custom musky bait and watching it go bye-bye FOREVER as your line breaks on a bomb-cast.


Even worse, what about breaking your line, fighting a huge musky. 🤮

Well, here's a quick tip that will help you avoid that 'oopsie'....

The vast majority of line breakage and failures happen due to cracked or chipped rod guides. Even a small micro-fracture inside the guide can do a surprising amount of damage to your line.

One of the best and most overlooked ways to identify nicks, cracks and fractures is with an X-Acto knife, slowly spin it inside each guide.

This tactic will find micro-fractures you might miss with your eyes or a Q-tip:

Fishing Rod Guides

From MN guide Josh Borovsky:

"I learned this many years ago when bringing a rod into Thorne Brothers to have a chipped rod guide replaced. Before sending the rod back to the rod shop, they checked all my guides with an X-Acto knife and found another guide that had one of these micro-fractures. I have been checking them that way ever since."

Now's the time to knock this kinda stuff off your to-do list, before it totally slips your mind next spring....

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Some super-sweet musky ink from Sean Vanderburg, courtesy of the excellent artistic skills of Matt Grosso:

Musky Tattoo

#2 – Looks like Lisa Marvin and the always impressive mustache of Joe Cooper in the reflection of this fishy sonar readout 👀

Livescope Musky

#3 – This hungry 'skie had no problem whackin' Donnie Manz' lure despite hunting at night with one eye gone!

Eyeless Musky

#4 – Wanna talk about "natural" presentations?? Check out this sweet custom "spottail shiner" color (via Taps & Tackle) on a 10" Poseidon swimbait 🔥

Spottail Shiner Swimbait Color


– 5 musky day on Vermilion w/ Luke Ronnestrand (video)

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– River muskies on sucker rigs w/ AA (video)

– Northwoods musky fishing w/ Matt Vavroch (video)

pike & musky shop
Muskies Inc


Feast your eyes on this absolute tank of a northern WI musky from John Brashler.

Congrats on the beauty 50+ inch bronzie! 💪 

Northern Wisconsin Muskie

Big props to Nate Murphy on poppin' this seriously porky 52-inch Minnesota 'skie after dark! #nighthawk

Night musky

Excellent Upper French River bruiser sent in by Scott Scarpelli:

Big Fish

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