Livebait Tricks that Worked – Mille Lacs Mega Caught – Front vs. Back

Livebait Tricks that Worked – Mille Lacs Mega Caught – Front vs. Back

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Musky Fishing Newsletter

Livebaitin' Shhtuff

Our mission with this newsletter is to entertain AND inform musky anglers.

The best part about putting this together is getting to hear about times when you learned something here, then used it to actually put more muskies in the bag.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to shout out a couple hardcore-musky heads who recently sent us messages.

First up, a quick note from @fishnhuntmn:

"Earlier this week, I read a story in your newsletter about a big musky following a sucker 20' behind the boat. They fired up the big motor and hit the gas to induce a strike.

"I had a big girl following that couldn't make the commitment last night so I figured what the hell I may as well give it a shot. To my surprise it actually worked! Thanks for the tips! 53" my new personal best!"

Minnesota Muskie

And here's a message from Dennis Seeb:

"I used the information in this newsletter today and was rewarded with a fat 50.25 inch musky. I set the hook a lot sooner than I used to do."

Setting the hook as quickly as possible is key when you're using quick strike rigs. 👍

Awesome fish Dennis!

Musky Fishing by a Bridge

Speaking of quick strike rigs....

If you're still running hook-in-the-nose sucker riggin' setups and haven't experimented with rubber bands or nostril clips, you gotta give 'em a try!

Some folks build their own, but if you want something handmade that works great outta the "box", the Stealth GT Quick Strike Rig is a killer option.

If your system works for you, DON'T CHANGE IT. But if you're losing fish, make adjustments or try something totally different!

Front vs. Back

There was an interesting discussion in the Musky Tips & Tricks FB group this week which was triggered by this post from Steve Fisher:

"Anyone else prefer fishing from the back of the boat? I feel like that’s my control center. Both graphs at the console, closer to the water for landing ski’s, more stable on choppy days, quick access to tools and lures. Am I alone here?"

Fishing Boat Console

There were some great replies in the comment section:

From Jason Gearhart:

"I’m always in the back of the boat. I find it easier, more stable, may have a little less room but I prefer it."

From Anthony Abbate:

"I fish in the front when I'm alone. I'm usually on very dark water with lots of rocks and stumps that I'd like to avoid if possible."

The type of bite you're fishin' could play a factor. If you're sight fishing or trying to visually locate rocks or weed lines, casting from the front could make sense.

From Ron Heidenreich:

"When you're controlling from the back everyone in the boat is in a good casting position. When you're running from the front, you can subconsciously be positioning for yourself only. IMHO that's just not fair to your partners."

Ron makes a valid point. Anyone who's been the "co-angler" in the back of the boat knows finding good casting lanes can be tough if the captain isn't paying attention to their boat control and optimizing for BOTH anglers.

Fun debate!


The musky population might be down on "The Pond" but she's still kickin' out some beasts for those "crazy" enough to grind it out....

But you know what they say: No pain, no gain!

Check out this absolutely ridiculous shovel-head from Benjamin Knutson:

Mille Lacs Musky

Here's the quote from Ben:

"Mille Lacs lake in late fall can be brutal to the best of muskie fishermen… I had spent the last two weeks guiding on the lake with no success. The week prior we were moving fish almost every day but nothing would eat. Then, this week we didn’t move a single fish until I made that one cast; right time, right place.

"With whiteout conditions, I strapped on the snowboard googles and we ripped across the lake.... I knew the rod and reel I was using all day was frozen up from the drive over so I quickly grabbed out a fresh Thorne Bros 10’ Predator XH and Tranx combo, strapped on my pounder bulldawg, and made a cast."

The rest of the story is up on his IG page.... but you know how it ends 😉

Btw, Ben did seminar at Thorne Bros earlier this year talkin' about late fall fishin' on Mille Lacs. It's a fun watch if ML is one of your go-to lakes.

This Week's Mashup:

Mashup time!

#1 – Richard Hammer posted this interesting musky-themed contraption on social media – not sure what it is, but I want one. 😂

Metal Muskie

#2 – Anyone else just wanna fish in silence for the rest of the day after dumping a massive musky?? 😉

Losing a big fish

#3 – Props to John Fallon on one of the coolest shots we've seen this year. Big toothy couldn't resist the classic flashabou Cowgirl!

Musky fishing bucktail

#4 – How sweet are these old school Musk E Munks?? They aren't in mint condition, but that just means they've seen some action 🔥

Musk E Monk

We're thinkin' about doing a little segment on some old school musky baits in a future newsletter. If you have any cool old baits, send us a photo by replying to this email, and we might share!


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musky mayhemstealth tackle


Congrats to Charlie Stearns on poppin' this gorgeous Minnesota musky while trollin' rainbow trout colored cranks with guide Kevin Cochran

Minnesota Muskie Fishing

Tim Hanske has caught plenty of big muskies, but this is his first 50+ incher while using fly slingin' gear – Props dude!

50 inch fly fishing musky

This long 53-inch St. Clair beauty from Parker Russo barely fits in frame!

Lake st Clair muskie fishing

Lovin' the colors on this extra-clean river beauty from Aidan Cohen in Wisconsin.

River fishing

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